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51285[ANGEL] 12 Taurus, The Angels of Loving Relationships

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  • Spiritus
    Apr 30 8:34 AM

      May you experience Divine Love in all your relationships. May Love flow in your relationship with the Earth, with the Sky, with the Cosmos. May Divine Love flow in your relationship with your Self, with others, with the plants, the animals, the nature beings.
      May you be fruitful and Happy.
      The Venus transit across the face of the sun June 5th will activate the divine qualities of external splendor [16 Gemini] and sacred courtship [16 Sagittarius]. This is a good time for prayer and meditation.
      "One good person can save a city of ten thousand, and ten can save the world." 

      "Mountain of Light"
      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser
      12 degrees Taurus
      The Angels of Loving Relationships
      Also known as
      The Angels of ‘Galago’
      We inspire unlimited childlike fantasy and imagination in both desiring and visualizing right relations. We inspire divine solutions to every problem.
      We urge each person to go into the depths of divine love within and connect strongly with desires for true friendships and love that strengthen the dignity of all.
      We fan this divine will for loving relations into powerful flames that light the way.
      We awaken the desire to relate to others in sacredness and peace.
      Our specialty is teaching how to use will, which is the fire element,
      to create honor, esteem, dignity, friendship and love for all.
      We instruct a child of God how, by impregnation of the aura which is the magical space surrounding him or her, by means of the electric fluid, which is willpower, and the elements of fire, he or she can magically secure honour, esteem, dignity, friendship, and love etc.’
      Kindred souls find each other and create powerful friendships and relationships. Circles of loving people align with Omnipotent Divine Will for Heaven on Earth.   These sacred relationships and groups bring forth blessings to all creation.  They radiate grace and mercy, wisdom, transformation, true spiritual morality, vitality, transmutation, justice and harmony, respect, honor, love, and dignity.
      For Heaven to manifest on Earth, it is important that people find spiritual friends and family with shared  visions of divine perfection so that they may dance awake The Sacred Dream together.
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