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51214[ANGEL] 4 Taurus, The Angels of Healing Plants

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  • Spiritus
    Apr 22, 2012

      4 degrees Taurus
      The Angels of Healing Plants
      Also known as
      The Angels of ‘Faluna’
      We teach the art of using substances from plants
      ‘to preserve the body, or even to make it younger and more
      resistant against inharmonious influences like diseases’.
      ‘This intelligence is a very great friend of human beings,
      and helps a child of god, should he or she want it, to wealth.
      The plant kingdom contains substances which enhance the human body temple’s own ability to revitalize and rejuvenate itself.  For example, taking plants that stimulate human growth hormone, hgh, encourage chemical processes which seem to “turn back the clock” and restore much of the vitality of youth. Natural antibiotics, such as grapefruit seed extract, are naturally attuned to the human body temple.
       Many healing substances with miraculous healing powers are found in herbs and plants that grow wild in forests of Earth.  Quite a few of these are unknown to many people. As the children of light and love learn to live in harmony with natural creation, which outpictures omnipotent divine WILL, and use volition to follow inner guidance and encourage, protect, and bless nature,  these plants will make themselves known.
       The legality and harmony of nature’s essence as being expressions of the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, and the importance of nurturing and blessing it in gratitude because it is the perfect expression of Original Divine Will,  come from the divine virtue of the letter F of our name. 
      The letter F  is the divine virtue of the legality of harmony in all visible worlds. It is a virtue of the earth element with sensations of weight. Its color is light green, like the new spring growth of the plant kingdom. The left hand of all human beings is formed from this virtue.
      As people bless and nurture the natural heavenly creation in reverence and gratitude, the plant kingdom blesses and uplifts humanity in return.
       By meditating on the divine virtue of the second letter of our name, and becoming one with it in being, will, thought, feelings, and sensation, it is possible to unite individual consciousness with the original purity of all ideas and attain wisdom and enlightenment and mystical faculties.  This is the divine virtue of letter A, shining with a light blue color with sensations of ease, because it is of the air element.  The lungs of every person are formed from this virtue.
      The next virtue of our name, letter umlaut A, ae,  is the virtue of the transformation of matter, whether the most subtle mental, or less subtle emotional, or dense physical matter is concerned.  As people master negativity through safe release for change into other states that are the highest good of all, they also master the negative beings and attain the power of transformation. They free themselves from clinging to any negative or harmful mental, emotional, or material possessions and they attain the ability to manifest any wishes on the material plane.
       The splendor and majesty of Divine Being are expressed by all the divine virtues taken together. These qualities are expressed within and throughout all creation.  It is this splendor and majesty that enlivens vitality and youthening.  This is the divine virtue of the next letter of our name, L.  It shines with an olive green color and sensations of ease, because it is the air element.  The spleen is created from this virtue.
      The next virtue is the creative act and its karma. This awakens understanding of creative acts, so that in deep trance states a person sees effects of each creative act  that echo on and on. The karma of every creative act is understood and perfected.  Meditating on this virtue gives the understanding of the original source of everything that exists because it evokes the highest form of intuition and inspiration, and the ability to transfer divine flowing feelings to penetrate on the original act of creation of everything.  On the material plane the ability to understand all the mysteries of nature is gained. People realize how PERFECT everything is in creation, and how the Will of God is expressed in every detail in the natural world. In deep states of meditation this perfection is revealed and enhanced by using The Power of the Word. This virtue is letter U.
      Flowing feelings of Supreme happiness, the seventh heaven of delight are the result. These feelings reveal solutions to any problem.The divine virtue of supreme happiness is the letter N.
      The final virtues of our name, letter A and umlaut A, ae, awaken wisdom and mystical faculties and the ability to manifest any wishes on the material plane.
      The angels of Faluna give various instructions how to make from plants certain substances which are able to preserve the body, or even to make it younger and more resistant against inharmonious influences—diseases and the like.’
      F…We inspire in you the comprehension of universal laws, especially as they apply to the earth and the human body
      A and umlaut A,ae…and the healing ability of mind and the spirits of the air element.  We inspire the release of any imperfection for transformation.
      L…We help with the mastery of vitality, permanent youth, beauty,and the ability to achieve immortality
      U…and the understanding of the pure essential origin and purpose of everything.  We inspire creative acts that create ongoing effects of
      N… flowing feelings of divine supreme happiness
      A…umlaut A, ae, that awaken wisdom and mastery over life and death. We help each person realize the origin and mystery of life and death regarding their transformation and gain the power to control negative passions and all negative beings, and bring about transformation in matter.
      The melody of our name is the notes of F sharp, G, C , B, A, G, and C.
      Imagine the following:
      Imagine yourself walking among the plant kingdom following this state of meditation, and imagine that with each plant that you see, intuitive understanding of its gift to you comes clearly into your imagination.
      See yourself as a tiny sun in the solar plexus with your body a gigantic universe of galaxies all around you.  After each meditation dissolve the light in the body to protect the natural balance of elements in the body. Keep the rhythm of the breath natural. If you tone inwardly, you enliven divine feelings in the emotional or astral world. If you tone outloud, you enliven the divine virtue in the physical world. Refer to previous explanations of this meditation for more detail.
      F…The universe fills up with a light green light shining from a tiny sun in the leg region that gives a sensation of weight as it manifests in all the ‘unification and the interdependence of the four basic qualities of will-power, intellect, feeling, and physical consciousness as it concerns harmony, divine virtues, universal laws, and all abstract ideas in their purest state.’ The the note of F sharp is intoned.  With the breath this radiance passes through the pores of the left hand, filling the outer universe with the outbreath and filling the inner universe with the inbreath.
      Dissolve the light green light in the body. Keep the rhythm of the breath natural.
      A…Now the light changes to the most lovely shade of light blue shining from a tiny sun in the lung region. Sing the note of G while flowing feelings of wisdom and enlightenment awaken mystical faculties.  The sensation of ease permeates. Breathe complete wisdom and enlightenment to whatever parts of the body inner guidance directs. With the outbreath, breathe this light blue virtue to whatever inner guidance directs.
      umlaut A…The light becomes a loamy brown shining from a tiny sun in the leg region.  Intone the note of C while flowing with feelings of glad release of imperfections on every level.  The sensation of weight fills everything because this divine virtue is of the earth element.  Meditate on the origin and myste

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