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51142[Angel] 26 Aries, The Angels of Extra-planetary Power

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  • Spiritus
    Apr 14, 2012

    26 degrees Aries
    The Angels of Extra-planetary Power
    Also known as

    The Angels of ‘Hadcu’

    The previous degrees of Aries open ways to work with the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the Earth and with the beings of the four elements and the Akasha, which is consciousness-penetrating all.
    Now we attune seekers to powers and divine virtues of the heavenly hosts who work elsewhere in the universe.

    The infinity of different expressions of Divine Being is expressed
    in the saying,"In my Father’s house are many mansions."

    The VICTORY of LOVE sometimes requires help from other parts of Divine Creation. We help when these powers are necessary for the
    purpose of birthing new realities of Divine Love on Earth.

    Here is one of our stories:

    As Felix looked down from his helicopter, he felt panic.  The ground below him was crackling with dangerous nuclear radiation that had just leaked out of burst tank in an old nuclear facility.  Not only would contamination be carried in the air, poisoning people for many miles, but the underground water aquifer that supplied major populations was in danger of contamination.

    Going deeply within, he felt his heart burst with compassion for  innocent people and animals whose lives were in imminent jeapordy.

    He banked the helicopter sharply to the left heading for base, and began to pray the deepest and most passionate prayer of his life.

    "Angels of ‘Hadcu’," he pleaded," No one on this earth has the scientific
    means to avert this tragedy. You must tell me what to do."

    A strange strong light began to glow within him.
     Going deeper within, Felix knew what to do. He calmed his breathing and relaxed, thanking God that he had practiced the meditations on the cosmic language for a long time!
    He imagined the letter H with its silvery violet light shining from a tiny sun in his head and sensed tremendous expansion as this light penetrated all of space and time, inside of him and then with his outbreath, outside in all the universe. As he did this, he also focused this virtue especially on the situation at hand.

    He visualized the warm silvery violet light and flowing feelings of The Power of the Word existing already throughout all of creation, penetrating everything.  He meditated on the power to create any reality through invoking divine virtues in being, visualization and will, thought, feelings, and sensations

    Squinting his eyes tighter, he tried to remember what the note of A sounded like, and feeling exasperated by his usual difficulty with music, he ended up asking the Angels of ‘Hadcu’ to tone it for him.  Immediately a most beautiful tone rang through his meditation as he flowed with feelings of The Power of The Word.
    Keeping the rhythm of his breath natural, he spent quite a while enlivening this virtue inside and outside of himself.

    By the time he was ready to meditate on letter A, however, it was time to land and go through debriefing.
    He silently asked the Angels of ‘Hadcuto go ahead and meditate for him and to join him later when he could continue the meditation

    A few hours later while in his jeep driving back to the house, Felix began to meditate on the letter A. This letter was easy for him and so immediately he experienced the light blue light shining from a tiny sun in his lungs with sensations of ease. He experienced the Divine Virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment penetrating all space and all time. He meditated on the original purity of all ideas in divine mind and the perfection of Love, Wisdom, and Will in all the divine virtues. He flowed with feelings of the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudence, clairsentience in his ONENESS with all of creation and toned the note of G joined by angel choirs.   He knew at this point with deep certainty that somehow everything would be allright.

    After meditating on umlaut A, ae, the mysteries of life and death and transformation, Felix experienced that all imperfection, on every level, was now released for changes into other states that were the highest good of all concerned.
    Next was his favorite letter, D. This letter was the divine virtue of the mysteries of love to create, the key to understanding so much. He had spent months learning it on his vacation to Switzerland the year before. He loved the deep blue color, like the color of the night sky just before dark. He loved the note of C and sensations of warmth and expansion. His
     mental focus got so strong, that he had to pull over and stop the car.  The letter D, the art of creation, opened up complete control over his mind, and he went into a powerful state of trance.

    Hands on steering wheel, head bowed, his state of trance became so profound that he lost track of time.

    When he was meditating on the art of creation, the letter D, something just happened to him.
    It was as if he left his body and went soaring out in
    . Past stars and galaxies he soared.
     He realized that the Angels of ‘Hadcu’ were taking him to the place in the universe where expert help for his situation was available.
     He saw beautiful colors overlaid with a fascinating pattern of light.  He burst through this vision and found himself on another soil, in another clime and place. He felt like he was on the other side of the universe.
    In awe he looked around him.
    A wondrous world greeted his eyes, unlike anything he had ever seen.

    Beautiful vaporous colors glowed and swirled over a soft undulating landscape.
    Suddenly a new energy caught his attention. Someone was coming!
    He looked up.
    There in front of him was a stupendous being, half solid and
    half etheric. Swirling colors of green and purple seemed to vortex around

    A voice thundered through his head," Welcome Earth Man, Welcome to
    Paotocamo, the realm of Swift Energy."  My name is Schmion-el.

    Felix greeted him, his heart opening with such love that he could hardly breathe.
    They communed in silence for a while, beautiful flowing feelings passing between them expressing more than a million words could have said.
    During all of this, Schmion-el had telepathically absorbed Felix’s
    experience with the radioactive contamination of the air and water aquifer on Earth.  Schmion-el  understood what was needed, and joined Felix in his meditation.
    Together they meditated on letter C, the divine virtue of Spiritualization of Matter with divine qualities. Together they visualized beautiful vermillon colors filling all of space and time, with choirs of angels chanting the note of D with them. They meditated on the holiness of all created form, of the divine virtues that expressed themselves through every created being.
    Together they sensed lovely warmth and ease. 
    By the time they had finished with the letter C, their energy fields were as one. They had joined together in complete sympathetic resonance

    Relishing every precious moment of their shared experience, Felix and Schmion-el meditated slowly on letter U, the velvet black light shining through out the Akasha, with omnipresent divine consciousness-penetrating-all. They spent hours contemplating the creative act and karma and the awareness of the cascading effects through time and space of the creative action that they were guided to create.  In deep trance they changed fate back on Earth, and created an outcome that was the highest good of all concerned for that situation.
    They joined beautiful choirs of angels singing notes of B

    Through inner guidance with individual wills united with Omnipotent Divine Will, in a state of pure being, they had been guided to use The Power of the Word with just the right divine virtues to activate.
    They used the letter G to activate Grace and Mercy and the letter I to activate Cause and Effect, so that the horrible future scenario that Felix had seen would in time be perfectly understood and everyone involved would realize grave mistakes that had been made. They used umlaut O, eu, to open people’s eyes to Divine Love so that in time they could see past all illusions and understand the original divine plans for Earth and transmute the realities that they had been creating.They used the letter Y to dematerialize some dangerous weapons and devices that posed even greater hazards to life on earth.
    With Schmion-el’s advanced scientific knowledge they used the powers of the letters I, cause and effect, the letter Ch of purity and perfect clarity, and umlaut A, to activate transformation of vast amounts of nuclear material back on earth. They sped up the radioactive cycle of all dangerous concentrated nuclear material on Earth so that twenty thousand years of natural process would transpire in twenty days.
     So deep was the relief and gratitude from Universal Consciousnes in the web of life, that choirs of angels sang glorious songs of thanksgiving that transfixed both of them for what seemed a very long time.

    After what seemed like a few days, Felix felt guided to come back to earth and normal consciousness. Soon he was back at the house. He had had only a vague sense of cranking up the jeep, however, and driving back.

    What was really strange was that when he called in to work to explain his
    absence and disappearance, the secretary did not know what he was talking about. She told him he had only been gone a few hours and was not due back until day after tomorrow.

    His entire sense of time was skewed.
    He shook his head in wonder and made himself a sandwich.

    Later that week, he received news that the radioactive level was far less
    than had been first reported. The official explanation they gave him was that the equipment used for the first readings was faulty.

    A week later he received news that the radioactive level was much below the second reading. The official explanation was that the equipment used on the second reading was also faulty.
    He noticed that people were beginning to speak more softly around the installation. A remarkable change seemed to slowly but surely be taking place. Wonderful new insights and a new spirit of reverence for all life was beginning to awaken.

    By the third week, the officer in charge was ordering all new detection
    equipment. It seemed that none of the equipment was giving accurate
    readings. Everyone was scratching their heads. Outside experts were flown in and finally the results were settled:
    there really wasn’t radioactivity in the area after all.

    The manufacturers of the faulty equipment couldn’t find anything wrong with it but felt it was better not to say anything.

    Felix was the only person at the base who really knew what was going on.
    Within a year the base was shut down.
    Amazing political, economical, and social changes occured all over the globe.
     Surprising revelations on every level, in every country had brought about permanent peace and environmental restoration.

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