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51086[ANGEL] 20 Aries, The Angels of Advanced Water and Emotional Mastery

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  • Spiritus
    Apr 8, 2012

      20 degrees Aries
      The Angels of Advanced Water and Emotional Mastery
      Also known as
       The Angels of Hahadu’ 
      All of the five elements are populated by intelligent beings.
      The beings of Akasha
      are beings of omnipresence, with qualities and quantities of Divine Being.
      The beings of Fire are beings of Will.
      The beings of Air are beings of thought.
      The beings of Water are beings of flowing feelings.
      The beings of Earth are beings of sensation and weight.
      Each being of each element is a conscious individual
       and plays its part in the symphony of Creation.
      In the constellation of Aries, Divine impulses of Cosmic Love
      birth new realities on all of these levels of
      pure being, will, thought, feelings, and sensations.
       A person who functions as a victorious divine warrior of Love
      works cooperatively with the beings of the five elements
      to bring about new conditions.
      Because changes in feelings precede changes in physical form,
       mastering one’s personal feelings and flowing with divine feelings
      along with working with the beings of the feeling realm are keys to
      victorious overcoming of old conditions on Earth and bringing in the new.
      The beings of the water element, the Undines,
      are conscious beings of flowing feelings and have
      tremendous power of magnetism. 
      As a child of Light communicates with Undines, there are
      almost NO LIMITS to the gigantic powers of magnetism that can be
      produced by working together.
      The Angels of Hyris’, 19 degrees Aries, introduced this mastery.
      Once a person of love excels with these angels, it is time for us,
      the Angels of Hahadu’,
      to further teach the mysteries of feelings, the water element,
      and the beings who inhabit this realm.
      Here is one of our basic meditations:  

      Stop now and check your feelings.
      What are you feeling?
      Where is this feeling in your body?
       Tune in to your body while feeling your feelings.
      Are these feelings primarily in your heart?
      Your head? Your solar plexus? 
      Somewhere else?
       Check for tension in your body.
      Ask your body to reveal to you the feelings that are causing this tension.
      Breathe deeply. Close your eyes.
      Flow with the feelings in your body temple.
      Flow with them.
        Positive or negative, flow with them with an attitude of all encompassing unconditional love, for these feelings are your creations. Love them with the love that a creator has for his or her creations. This love will make the positive feelings more beautiful, and will heal the negative ones.
       If the feelings are negative, empathize and flow with them just as you would flow with the feelings of a small upset child that you are holding and comforting.
       Feelings change only when they are felt. 
      Allow your feelings to change.
      If you get stuck, if your feelings are damned up and you feel numbed out and
      cannot get them to flow, then start with whatever feeling state that you are in
       [such as the FEELING of being numbed out, stuck and blocked]
       and use eye movement in your meditation.
      Using eye movement, which is moving the eyes back and forth, left to right and back again over and over. This is exactly what  your body does naturally when you dream each night. This eye-movement unblocks emotional energy and shifts it rhythmically back and forth between the two halves of the brain, and between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, which correspond to the inner and outer worlds.
       If the feelings that then come up are frightening and uncomfortable, call on us to watch over you as you allow these frightening feelings to flow. At any time you can ask for healing to come from the heart of Divine Love.
      Usually,flowing with present time painful feelings
       reawakens an old painful memory of a traumatic time.
      Know that you are safe now.
      You are no longer the helpless infant or small child
      that you possibly were at the time the original trauma occurred.
       In the presence of the heavenly hosts,
      you can relive the memory from beginning to end,
      feeling through all the feelings that come up,

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