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50710[ANGEL] 6 Pisces, The Angels of Success

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  • Spiritus
    Feb 24, 2012


      "Beings of Light"
      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

      6 degrees Pisces

      The Angels of Success

      Also known as


      The Angels of  







      ‘We secure financial success

      and smooth the way for all matters having to do with material work and prosperity.’

      ‘We inspire professional success.’

       ‘We help in the case of the arts and craft trades, and any profession

      where skill and creativity are required.’


       Professions and endeavors flowing from the wisdom of the heart have sensitivity, caring for all, and are most highly valued.  These are win-win paradigms, and employers, employees and customers are blessed, energized and supported.  The most satisfying kinds of success are attracted into every situation.


      Flowing feelings of wisdom from the heart are irresistible. Imperfections are perceived and released for transformation into other states that are the highest good of all.


       These feelings of wisdom are combinations of feelings of omnipotent will for the highest good and divine cosmic flowing love that attract success.


      The heart knows about the little things that delight the child in everyone. 


      Enlightenment, transformation and the ability to manifest success depend on retaining and using the states of awareness developed in infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood.


      All of the degrees of the Constellation of Pisces concern feelings of the wisdom of the heart.  Feelings are the Divine Feminine Power, the magnetic energy that determines physical manifestation.


      Feelings are Alpha brainwaves, which were dominant in adolescence.


      In the absence of the sensitive feeling nature of Alpha brainwave production, and the balancing influence of whole-brain consciousness, adult functioning, associated with Beta brain waves, can degenerate into destructive over reliance on logic, memory, and the five senses.


      From the viewpoint of an adolescent child, most problems are solved with open hearted emotional sensitivity and caring.


      For example, an adult decision to invest lots of dollars for ads and commercials to create a successful business might be traded for a plan to implement emotionally nurturing projects. 


      These kinds of projects might include philanthropy, planting beautiful flowers in the empty lot next door, adopting a store cat that charms everyone, or having hot cups of tea and beautiful music waiting for clients, neighbors and friends.  


      Endeavors with heart attract success.


      New paradigms for what constitutes success and for the conscious use of money are emerging from wise, open hearted people.  Paradigms such as win-win and unconditional generosity are making sense.


       Whole brain functioning guarantees the benefits of both right and left hemispheres, or the parasympathetic nervous system that is inward directed, and the sympathetic nervous system which is outward. Will and feelings coming from such consciousness support divine creativity and intellect. Perception supports analysis.


      The influence of strong Alpha brainwaves from an open heart awakens a “sixth sense” of understanding what employees, clients and customers really need and want on an emotional level.


       An open heart attracts good feelings for one and all, so business decisions take into account the divine virtues of vitality, beauty, music, ease, grace, security, fun, generosity, and others.


      As a person is in process of fully becoming enlightened in complete consciousness, tremendous growth is attained in all of the divine virtues through the skills and creativity of successful professions or projects.


      Wisdom and enlightenment, transformation, grace and mercy, and the understanding of cause and effect are gained.







       ‘A’…Wisdom and enlightenment and transformation [umlaut a, ae,] behold the



      ‘L’…the splendor and majesty of the Divine, which creates vitality, true spiritual morality,health and enthusiasm.



      ‘A’…  The splendor and majesty of God enlivens wisdom and enlightenment along with the faculties of eloquence, art, music, and the mystic faculties of clairvoyance, clairsentience etc.



      Umlaut A, ae…imperfections are released for changes into other states that are the highest good of all.



       ‘G’…These gifts create such beauty in every endeavor that mercy and grace are bestowed upon all.



      ‘I’…Through the mastery of cause and effect



      ‘L’…the divine virtues manifest true spiritual morality and vitality in every situation.



      ‘L’… Way leads on to way, and the splendor and majesty of Divine Providence continually out pictures Heaven on Earth.








       True recognition comes from within, from feelings of joy and satisfaction found flowing from within the heart that visualizes and creates new realities from Divine Being. It is best not to hold yourself hostage to anyone else’s approval before flowing with feelings gratitude and congratulating yourself and THE ONE BEING for succeeding with any project or endeavor.


      Waiting for recognition or acknowledgement from others is a formula for feelings of craziness, especially if their opinions are based on limited perspectives of old paradigms and  limited versions of reality coming from the five senses, memory and logic.


       It is easier to control your own behavior and feelings, not their reactions.


      If you accomplish what you set out to achieve, it is a success.  If you accomplish what you set out to achieve, it is wonderful, regardless of whether or not others perceive it. Other people may have many opinions of what you ‘should have done’, or different standards by which to compare results in terms of what some one else has done, absolute numbers, or what was expected of you.


      These outside perspectives do not take into account the most important factor of all .  


        This factor is the unique individual inner guidance, purpose, and beingness that create feelings from your heart that motivate you and give you your guidance, enthusiasm, and excitement.


      It is important at times of completion to give yourself credit for doing what you set out to do and rewarding yourself for succeeding. Don’t wait for it.


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