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49896The MUM The Multidimensional Universal Mind, the All That Is.

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  • JoeZaidan
    Dec 1, 2011



      The objective of this theory is to make us all realize that our MIND is a dimension of the UNIVERSAL MIND, the All That Is! And that therefore we humans have all the powers of the MUM, once we learn the rules! And that therefore it is only logical that we ALL put ourselves to study the rules.

      Ah, and this is not just a simple decision we have to take! We have to study all the rules of our PROFESSION. And of our RELATIONS with others, and of our HEALTH, …  and … and …

      1:The Multidimensional Universal Mind is the "All That Is" in our reality.

      In the vacuum of space and In all elementary particles, atoms,& molecules.
      In all cells, organs, humans, plants,  & animals,
      In all planets, solar systems, galactic systems, and we suspect that this goes on and on to all infinity!
      2: INTELLIGENCE: Each fractional particle of reality is governed by its own intelligence and by that of the
      whole U.M.
      The degree of evolution of the mind, and its understanding of things, increases from the sub-atomic units to the larger dimensions, until we finally reach the largest dimensions that we can observe from Earth, namely the groups of galaxies. Similarly the Intelligence of the Minds increases with the dimensions of the minds until it reaches the largest dimension, namely that where we theorize that the Big-Bang-World started. And this, the largest, must therefore have the largest Intelligence.
      It would be interesting to talk with the intelligence of the BBW. And we can do this through the relevant entrance chakra which is probably the top chakra  above our head.
      3:THE LAWS OF ETHICS: So as to inculcate the laws of ethics in us the UM makes our success conditional on how we use them.
      This being the case, those who follow the laws of ethics can remain in continuous contact for help on their path to success. Help from the minds around us. Mainly those of our Spiritual friends, our planet, solar system, or galaxy. But our most fantastic sensation is when we join with the mind of our Creator, spread out into its whole body, the whole of creation, and send to IT our messages of love!
      However for our problems on earth we will need Help from the Saints: Mainly:
      MICHAEL: He overseas the Angels, Seraphims, Cherubim, and Archangels. He will answer calls for protection. When you ask for protection of a house or place of work specify the four corners of the area you want protected. You could also ask for protection of an airplane during a flight, or of your family, by visualizing them, one by one.
      YESHUA (Jesus): His role is mostly the teaching of humans, and advising anyone on matters of humanity. He also comforts and guides the new arrivals at the Astral processing centre (After death). Unfortunately there are literally millions waiting in the dark areas of the astral, usually because they are unable to forgive. Also , as we know from his stories in the Bible, He is expert at curing disease, including terminal cancer and answers all calls for help when these are permitted by the karma of the person calling for help.
      MARY: We love Her dearly. Her message to all is: Always call on me in times of need. Her message to the mothers: It is the gentleness of the mother that will impart the seeds of love in the child. And Her message to the men: "You are to deliver the safe environment in which to nurture your children."
      Again, Mary is completely dedicated to helping humanity, and will immediately answer any call for help
      MADELEINE: Her main activity is when she is called on to balance male and female activities, such as arises in the case of Moslem women in the Arab countries, in cases of marital conflicts. Also in cases of working girls, and of sex workers. Do not hesitate to call on her
      RAPHAEL: His role is to pass messages to humanity and then back to Spirit. Part of his charter concerns world banking and the world economy.
      So ask Him for advice on money matters.
      KRYON: Has just completed aligning the magnetic grid for Earth, and his next major alignment concerns the humans on earth, on their path towards unity, having completed their period in duality.
      PTAAH. His message to humans: Do not place Spirit and Religions on a pedestal, but rather consider them as friends and confidants.
      HOSSAF: The angel of Ascension He has started overseeing the ascension process a couple of years ago to smooth over the problems arising in humans from the changes in frequency.
      CDR. SHERAN :I am a voice & healing channel for the Ashtar Command & the Spiritual Hierarchy. I am also qualified in a number of areas of complementary medicine and I have a diploma in Internet Web Design.
      On the higher dimensions I captain the Starship Pegasus - a major healing centre close to Earth The ship has many healing chambers where you can be taken for healing on request during sleep.
      Other Saints and Guides: To know how they can help, ask them. For instance you can call MOHAMED "Dear Mohamed! Can you get me out of this problem I am facing? Thank you, Mohamed. I love you."
      -When praying to a Saint keep in mind that there are three levels to praying, whether to God or to a Saint. -First there is your intent where you will describe your problems clearly.
      -Then you should describe what you are asking for by praying with love and adoration,
      -and waiting for the answer so as to have a two way conversation, and having faith in the result,
      -and finally thanking Him/Her for what He/She will do for you. So let's always use this systematic, scientific method,
      5: The Universal Mind is ALL THAT IS, and all the Minds
      The conclusion that we can now infer is that it is the UM alone which exists in its many fractional dimensions, each fraction of each dimension carrying with it its 3D appendages, our 3d bodies..
      And we humans are only disposable appendages to the eternal fraction of the Universal Mind which we consider to be our mind.
      This way of seeing things places us in the right context of things!
      We, all of us, we are the One Universal Mind, playing around and experimenting with the dimensions and the 3D world which we have created.
      6: UNITING THE MINDS, and calling for a BOARD MEETING
      We have now established hat the MUM is "all that is!" And every thought we have emanates from one of its dimensions.
      We have also established that we have two minds governing our body, based in the right brain globe, and the left brain globe..
      Also that each cell has its mind, and each organ has its mind, and each DNA has its mind,
      that each mind is multidimensional., but at the same time separate from those above it, and from those below it.
      that the upper minds, the larger minds, are the most intelligent ones.
      Let's start by uniting the minds in our two brain globes,. "I want to unite my two brain globes" Now visualize it happening.
      DONE! You will receive this message when it is over!
      Move down, covering your entire body with your united minds, and send out a call for a "Board Meeting" to the minds of all the organs in your body, in the head area, under the chairmanship of your spiritual mind.
      You wll feel them all happily rushing up to the area above your head.
      The Chairman will receive them with his message: "The most important "subject we are all interested in is our health. And the secret for good health "is for all of us to always consider our global interest, and follow the "middle path in our thoughts. This being our decision, therefore so it is!"
      This is a very enjoyable experience , great fun, and you will feel an immediate difference.
      The top dimensions of the Universal Mind of humans on Earth, realizing the importance of these laws, use them automatically, and have been doing so for many generations. And as a result are now living in a state of continuous euphoria.
      Many others however, still on their way up, not realizing their importance, keep ignoring them, and doing those actions which they consider of their immediate interest, and as a result having to continue living in unfriendly surroundings.
      The rapid development of the internet is now helping many others to realize why they are surrounded by unfriendly people, and why they are not progressing socially and financially.
      Eventually all humans will realize the importance of these laws as laws of Success, as the means for living in an atmosphere of Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.
      Finally Earth and much of our Cosmos will become a paradise
      Here are these laws:
      The First Law of Success --: Unconditional Love;
      The universe is built in a way that allows all life forms to enjoy peace, prosperity, and happiness, providing they
      use unconditional love. This is a basic law, a universal law! Just like the law of gravity, which attracted Newton 's apple!
      The Second Law of Success – : Truth;
      One must be true to oneself. One must acknowledge truth when one hears or sees it. And one must always
      speak the truth. Those who always speak the truth shine like a beacon in the night.
      The third Law of Success – : Communication;
      Discuss problems when they arise. Discuss with a view to solve the problem. Listen carefully to the other person's arguments and understand them before giving your views. Do not leave until a solution is found.
      The Fourth Law of Success – : Don't Judge Others;
      One should not judge others without first placing himself in their shoes and no negative opinions should be expressed
      The Fifth Law of Success – : Creativity and Consciousness;
      Creativity arises as a solution to a need. To receive creative ideas, one must empty his mind and become
      spiritually conscious.
      The Sixth Law of Success – : Responsibility;
      Responsibility comes with maturity. To avoid one' s responsibilities denotes immaturity.
      The Seventh Law of Success – : Respect;
      Respecting others is like respecting oneself. Messages are lost when expressed without respect.
      Disagreements should be expressed in a polite and humorous way.
      The Eighth Law of Success – : Loyalty;
      Be loyal to those who have entrusted you with their secrets
      The Ninth Law of Success –: Passion;
      Whatever activity you do, do it with passion. Whether creating, drawing, singing, or dancing, bring passion into the activity. Passion is a life-giving force
      The Tenth Law of Success – : Justice;
      Make sure all your decisions concerning yourself or others are fair, just, and unbiased.
      The Eleventh Law of Success –: Faith;
      When you have a problem about which you have asked your spiritual friends, or your Creator for help, faith is essential for it to be solved.
      The Twelfth Law of Success –: Forgiveness;When you are attacked you have to solve the matter
      intelligently. Be careful not to respond in a way that will start a cycle of action and reaction.
      The Thirteenth Law of Success –: Paying Your
      Debts on Time;
      To receive open credit from your suppliers, always give Priority to the paying of your debts on time.
      The Fourteenth Law of Success – : Elections;
      Take care how you judge those you elect to posts of power and influence
      The Fifteenth Law of Success – : Respecting the Opinions of Others;
      Opinions are the result of the life experiences of others. While your opinions may differ, you must respect those of all others
      The Sixteenth Law of Success –: Union ;
      In unions governed by the laws of ethics, the resulting power, prosperity, and happiness far exceeds that of the individual participants.
      The Seventeenth Law of Success – : Fanatics;
      When confronted by a fanatic all you can do is be a good example: Simply say "I don't share your views, but I understand and respect them!"
      In all it's incarnations, whether in the sub-molecular, organic, human or cosmic dimensions, the UM imposes its laws.
      And these laws are invariable, and result in the rule of law and order. And it appears inconceivable that these rules should not be strictly followed. If you add 1+1 you get 2! Period! It is inconceivable that one should get a different result!
      But somehow in our spiritual dimension we have "free choice!" When confronted with a choice we have the possibility of choosing from among a whole range of possibilities within this law, from 0 to 100, . And according to the choice we make we seem to have the same range of results.
      Thus when we are attacked we can forgive, or react intelligently, or react aggressively, and according to the action we take we get faced with the results.
      Another example could be about "Unconditional Love". When a person asks for a loan to buy a house for his family, you can refuse outright, or you can give him a loan within your possibilities and within his repayment possibilities, or you can just give him the whole sum he needs without considering whether or not this is within your budget.
      In the course of our history we have had several inspired thinkers who have given us the
      Laws of Ethics, around which we have built our main religions. But these religions, instead of leading us to "Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, and Good Health.", have become the main factors in the unceasing wars humanity has been having throughout history.
      Let us try to analyze why!
      One of the reasons could be the misunderstanding around the meaning of "Unconditional Love" This should perhaps be rephrased "Loving and Helping of ALL, whatever the religion, whatever the race, but within our possibilities and our budget"
      From the new research results in the CERN we can reach the conclusion that not only is each dimension continuously increasing in numbers, but that the UM appears to be also in the continuous process of creating new dimensions.
      The objective of these continuous new creations could be to increase the Intelligence of the top dimension by increasing the intelligence of its constituents
      Each human being is different from every other human, and the obvious reason is the continuous series of decisions which have to be taken on the subject of every new event. And this creates an infinity of differences in an infinity of different humans, and as we can see in our world that there are no two identical humans.
      And we can deduce that this is also the case in our organs, and in our cells.
      And possibly also between the molecules - (cf the different crystallizations in the water molecules when confronted with different emotions!)
      These differences in the lower dimensions also affect the higher dimensions. Thus we can see that no two planets, suns, or galaxies are identical.
      Conclusion:The importance of everybody understanding and following the laws of ethics.
      The intelligent use of the intelligence.
      We know that each one of our organs has its own mind, using its own intelligence, to obtain and fulfill its needs. The fact that we are now on our way towards a fast evolution, for ourselves and for our race, means that we cannot let the mind of any single group of organs in our body, or single group of humans on earth, control our mind, our actions, & our intelligence. It has now become of equal importance for us to see to the interest of all our family, and all humanity. So before using our intelligence to plan our actions in the important fields of our life, let us do the necessary to unite the minds of all Humanity.
      Just send out your intent: "I want to unite the minds of all humans under the chairmanship of the mind of our planetary body, Gaia.
      All the upper minds of all humans know how to do this, and they will all rush to unite and proceed to the meeting.
      Feel this taking place!
      Now that they are all united, give them your message for discussion: "It is important for us all to realize that we are all one body, and that therefore it is vital for our own interest to always consider the interest of all others, and to use our intelligent choice of the middle path in all our decisions. Let us now take our united decision on this level. This being our intent, therefore "so it is."


      The scientific theory of the Multidimensional Universal Mind(MUM) 11

      by Joseph Zaidan on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 5:02pm
      Every Human Being contains in his own body all the lower dimensions, organs, cells, molecules, atoms, nuclei, electrons, ...   ... down to the virtual infinity of sub-nuclear particles. And every one of these particles can rise with its MUM to reach the consciousness of the human body, if it knows how to do this!
      GOOD HEALTH:Let us ask for the cooperation of all the minds of our organs in the continuous good health of our body.
      We can do this by calling for a Board Meeting of all our minds, and asking for their cooperation both by doing the necessary, and by sending messages to our two minds telling tham what is required to maintain the body in good health.
      Similarly every human can raise his consciousness to the consciousness of the Universal Mind, if he knows how!
      Let us now try using the systems we know of to improve conditions on our planet Earth for all humanity. 
      What we want is to obtain success, namely PEACE, PROSPERITY, HAPPINESS, and GOOD HEALTH  for the whole planet.
      Note that this exercise is a scientific statement of facts. And according to the rules of scientific theories, after being tried out, it is to be corrected or replaced as required.
      First unite the human minds: Send out your intent: "I want to unite all the minds of my cells, organs, and dimensions with the minds of the two globes of my brain." See this taking place in your head area.
      Next unite your human minds with the Universal Mind: Move up with your United Mind to cover all the chakras of the All That Is, keep rising up then  spreading out right and left, keep moving right round the whole Unverse, then return to your body through your base chakra, thus covering the whole MUM, then as you get this feeling of "vastness" in you,  state your intent: "I want union with the upper dimensions of the Universal Mind."
      As this union is taking place you will feel an unbelievable vibration of happiness throughout your body, which will make you know that you are now one with the upper dimension of the All That Is.
      Here you must give your "Intent" to the Mum, using the "Scientific method of Praying" , by first
      -Stating your intent , describing your problems clearly.
      -Then describing what you are asking for, using love and adoration in your requests,
      -Then waiting for the answer so as to have a two way conversation, and finally having faith in the result.
      Explain that your intent is the intent of the whole population of planet Earth, and that this intent is now that "Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, and Good-Health" become the rule for all, and that we are now all prepared to do the necessary for this, and that this being our intent, therefore "so it is." 
      Having completed your mission, enjoy the euphoric feelings of rapture which will now flow in your body, and thank the Mum.






      Mum 19


      We can tell  from our own upper dimensional minds, namely in our right brain globe, that these upper minds have a high level of spirituality and practice the laws of ethics currently in all their activities,

      while the lower dimensions, namely the 3d dimensions of our body, whose mind is in our left brain globe, and logically, also the whole of the 3D Universe still has to learn and practice these laws of Ethics. Namely how to chose the middle path..



      by Joseph Zaidan on Friday, August 5, 2011 at 7:51am
      Let us redo this exercise daily:
      1:Unite our Upper Minds:
      "The Left and Right Globes of our mind,
      The Mind of our Etheric body,
      The Mind of our Mother DNA, 
      Now let's visualize our mind coovering all our body and state: "UNITY being my intent so it is!"
      Now lets visualize our mind covering the chakras above our head:
      The Mind of our Planet's Astral division,
      The Mind of our Solar system,
      The Mind of our Galactic system,
      The Mind of the BB World, the All That Is, and restate "UNITY being my intent, so it is!"
      Visualize before you the diseased organ and next to it see it as it is becoming cured.
      Finally,let's see ourself with the group of our family, intimate friends, community, or wider human community 
      Again let's regroup them all in our mind's eye, and state:
      "I want them all to be cured and in the best of health, and protected! 
      This being my intent so it is."
      Say Thank You! I Love you.


      by Joseph Zaidan on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 6:19pm
      can be assumed to be as follows:
      Our top dimension is the Big Bang World. Crown Chakra No 5
      Next is the dimension of the Super Galaxies Crown Chakra No 4
      Third position is taken by the Galaxies. Crown Chakra No 3
      Fourth Position by the Solar Systems. Entered through our Crown Chakra No.2 
      Third is the Planetary systems. Entered through our crown Chakra No.1
      The Astral Dimension of the Earth is entered from our third eye Chakra
      We can now assume that our 5 Upper Minds are those of our upper intelligences
      which can be entered throuigh their chakras above our head.
      As for our own multidimensional body. The left brain globe has been found to
      contain the spiritual thoughts of our upper immortal bodies, while the right brain
      globe has been found to contain the personality thoughts of our mortal bodies.
      ">Uniting the two brain globes: It is necessary to unite the two brain globes if and when
      we want to control the thoughts and actions of our physical body.  To do this state your 
      "Intent".-"I want union between my 2 minds".  They know how to unite. Just state your 
      intent and see it happen.
      ">Uniting with the minds of our Universe: See your left + right brain globes rising above
      your head to englobe all the upper chakras. and state your intent "I want union between my
      two minds and  all my upper minds. This being my intent, therefore so it is!"
      This state of "total union" can best be done when you are in the Alpha state