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46657[ANGEL] 27 Sagittarius, The Angels of Miraculous Powers

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  • spiritus@mindspring.com
    Dec 18, 2010



      27 degrees Sagittarius

       Galactic Center

      The Angels of Miraculous Powers

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Agasoly’







      ‘We respond when phenomenal miracles must be performed for the highest good to manifest.’


      ‘Along with other orders of angels, when Divine Justice determines that miraculous intervention is necessary, we act’.



      The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Center that the Earth’s Solar System orbits, is called “The Eye of Buddha” in ancient writings.   It is called the “Eye of Buddha” because it emits Miraculous Powers that uplift Earth with the most intense cosmic blessings, especially when Divine Justice requires intervention in the affairs of The Children of Light.


        Galactic Center is the “master” position for bringing through influences from the highest Divine Consciousness into the human body through the divine virtues of ‘Agasoly’.  Notice where 27 Sagittarius falls in a natal birth astrology chart. This is a most important point. Notice how this point relates to the other planets and points in the chart. In the charts of those who require extraordinary miracles, often a perfect star of David forms with other planets and points when this position is factored in.


      Creation is made of fractals, patterns within patterns within patterns that repeat over and over from infinitly small to infinitly large. The physical fractal of The Central Sun within the human brain is the

      pineal gland, also termed the “master gland”, or “Eye of Buddha” in

      ancient scriptures.


      The pineal gland within the human brain is therefore a fractal of, and receptive to, radiation from the “Eye of Buddha” in the heavens.

      This master gland produces over 20,000 psychotropic neuropeptides which are powerful organic chemicals that determine consciousness.


      When conditions upon earth are not blissful, instead of passive receptivity to outward conditions,  paradoxically,

      we entreat you to claim your power and actively seek inner guidance. We ask you to activate the “Eye of Buddha” within, and create, through The Power of The Word, the highest good of all concerned, both within yourself and in the outer worlds.


      Let guidance decree the way to create Heaven on Earth.


      Here is one of our stories:


      Miracle in The Senate Chamber


      Once upon a time a slight, tired man named Harold sat dejectedly in a large ornate Senate chamber.


      It had been a long frustrating day that seemed to drag on forever.


      Most of his exhausted colleagues had already left.  The few who remained gathered up their papers and stuffed them worriedly into their briefcases.


      Finally the chamber was emptied of everyone except him.


      His emotions had seesawed from resignation and sadness to joy and elation earlier in the day, but now he was stumped.


       A terrible sufffocating responsibility that had weighed on his heart, indeed the world’s heart, had earlier broken open to reveal a shaft of brilliant, blinding light of hope this afternoon.  Miraculously he had come across a book describing the teachings of the angels, and his fervent prayers for heaven on earth had been heard by the angels of ‘Agasoly’.


      In his inward silence during the long afternoon’s session, he had been amazed to see in his inner eye ingenious solutions pop up.  These solutions were amazing creative paradigm shifts to extremely serious, dangerous international problems that had been debated for years by fellow strategists.


        All afternoon brilliant solutions had presented themselves in vivid detail one after the other in his mind’s eye. He had excitedly taken copious notes, as another insight and new idea came through, all together comprising an overall solution, but what was he going to do with it now?


      He was not naïve about the prospect of successfully introducing new agendas at this late stage of the session.


       Time was of the essence.  If solutions were not brought forward now, it would soon be too late to turn around the worst problems. Disasters all around the world would be imanent.


      He was facing tremendous resistance from many of his colleagues in the chamber.


      What could he do with these new insights?  Who would listen?  Who would care?


       If he approached the appropriate people to explain, would they block him while maintaining superficial politeness as they usually did?


      As he sat there facing the large door at the end of the room he realized that something MUST be done. The present situation MUST be corrected, no matter how short a time was available or how unlikely was cooperation from others.


       He suddenly got up. As he began to take a step, he stopped, frozen in place. He was riveted on powerful feelings of emergency causing pressure on his heart.


       He could feel that time was running out.


      He stumbled toward a chair and sat down, bent over. Gasping for breath, he held his head in his hands.


       His outlook, once so up-beat and elated, fueled by wonderful insights earlier in the day,  gave in to feelings of helplessness.


      Tears flowed. Shaking with heartbreak, he fell into a deep deep silence.


       In the silence the mighty Will of Divine Consciousness for the highest good of all gracefully flowed through his awareness. Mighty powers of Omnipotence awakened in his deepest being.  He sensed the awesome immanent presence of heavenly hosts.


        In his heart he knew that they had heard his prayer.


       “Angels, Oh Divine Creator! Bring about the Highest Good of All!” he pleaded, flowing with an ocean of Divine Love for all creation.



      Then, as in a trance, he stood up and his body was propelled through the huge silent empty room.


       As he tread the well worn majestic carpet to the chamber doors,  he turned left and walked slowly down a pink marble hall.


       A door opened and shut behind him.


       The footsteps of a man echoed loudly onto the stone floor.


       Harold could feel the presence of this man to be a little over thirty feet away, and off to the right. 


      A powerful inner guidance forced Harold to turn around.


       He found himself looking straight into the cruel eyes of sinister Ed Bacon.


      This man was dangerous. He was the fearsome power broker from across the aisle.  He was a manipulative sorcerer of the opposing faction who had proved impervious to change in the past. He typically denied the seriousness of problems, seeking only to secretly further his group’s dark agenda of greed and power.


      For some strange reason though, at this moment, his usual frightening demeaner was gone. Instead he seemed shell shocked.  A frightened look transforming his face, he was weak, pale and haggard.


      Harold approached with confidence, love and clear inner vision.


       Inner guidance told him to be especially calm and polite.


      An old newspaper article had flashed before his mind, something about this man’s aged father, who had just celebrated his 99th birthday.


      Taking a long deep breath, Harold compassionately uttered resounding words that echoed down the hall, “Hello Ed; how is your father?”


      Ed jerked. He was off guard. He had been so completely preoccupied with his inner turmoil that he had been blinded to Harold’s presence until he heard Ed’s voice.


      A look of panic crossed his face.

        He choked and stuttered.

       All that came out was

      “HOW DID YOU KNOW!?”


      Calmly, very calmly, Harold replied, “Know what, Ed?“


      “Know about my father!”  Ed lost his balance and slightly stumbled, his eyes rolling back into his head. “He is passing away! He is passing away!  AT THIS MOMENT, he is passing away right now!”

      I just talked to the doctor!”


      At this second, their eyes met.


      Something broke apart. Inside Ed’s hard heart an almighty stroke of blinding light caused him to lurch forward heaving and sobbing uncontrollably.  A dam had burst.


       From deep inside of him, a lifetime agony of terror, of emotional abuse and cruel mind control, of a small child struggling unsuccessfully for survival and his father's love and approval unleashed with raging intensity.


      Harold put his arms around him as Ed heaved with uncontrollable tears.  


      Ed cried and cried, deep racking sobs, for what seemed like an eternity.


      Years of unrelenting emotional control broke down. 

      Steel vice locks of dark manipulation loosened. 


      For a precious moment, the little boy self hidden deep inside broke free through the glorious light of omnipotent divine will and miraculous grace.


      In that moment, the hearts of the two former enemies merged.


      Time stopped.


      Fate was altered.


      Understanding, true spiritual morality, courage, and grace continued to work miracles until the next day, after the funeral, Harold and Ed were seen in animated conversation at the lunch club.


      They talked long into the afternoon.


      Ed had obviously gone through a complete transformation.


       Through the influences of the divine virtues of ‘Agasoly’,  he saw that the Highest Good of All Concerned would bring about the success and satisfaction that he and all of his cronies had always secretely longed for in their deepest beings.


      He saw the futility of seeking success in merely outward power and wealth without first finding peace and happiness within.


      He was swimming with feelings of immense wisdom that had shone on him from a higher power the night before, showing him that the success and satisfaction of each part was directly tied to the success and satisfaction of the whole.


        Immediately, Ed and Harold got to work in the Senate.


      Hurried meetings were called, bringing together key experts and committee chairpersons from every faction.


      The angels of ‘Agasoly’ inspired all with the necessary attitudes and blueprints to bring it all together.


       All parties agreed on exciting new paradigms that Ed and Harold presented, and emergency plans were put rapidly and successfully into place.


      The heavenly hosts were busy as a number of desparate situations all over the world began to be completely transformed

      rapidly, fluidly, and efficiently.


      Peoples and Governments around the world watched in awe as the new changes took place, and quickly hurried to pitch in and help.


      A new day had dawned.

      Heaven and earth rejoiced.






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