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45708[ssnewz] 2010-08-08 Lift the Earth

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  • Ash
    Aug 1, 2010


      Spinning-StarS eNewz


      Urgent Call to Action!

      For a Grand Cosmic Event!

      Prepare - Stabilize - Lift the Earth

      August 5th-8th

      This next period of time,
      starting now and increasing in strength
      on 5 August through 8 August,
      will be a peak time for Earth.


      “We all have a window in time and space now
      where the Earth and the Cosmos around her
      have aligned for this Grand Cosmic Event.

      Stars, planets, suns
      and wormholes,
      portals and corridors
      are moving together to
      align and open configurations
      where certain actions
      – inspired by your higher selves —
      are to be taken.”

      MaRi Magdalene





      From now until the 5th
      Prepare yourself & our Mother Earth
      for a Lift, a Steep Step up…




      Belees: On August 5th, a portal begins to open; The Sirian Lion’s Gate. This year another corridor aligns to boost the energies tenfold. The potential for supporting your desired creations is great.


      Energy will increase & strengthen as 8-8 approaches.

      Hold on… literally the Earth may “rock” as we make this passage.



      Imagine imbuing energy into every particle of Earth
      & all that live here with sparkling rainbows.

      Imagine them as a snake forming a circle & eating its own tail or taking it into its mouth… the rainbow goes around & around. This will create an energy field in you & around you to help stabilize. Ask others to do this & pass the word on.


      Earth has a sharp rise to make very quickly between the 5th & 8th of August. Many are aligned to help “lift“ her… it is a steep step upwards. She needs your assistance.


      Prepare yourselves.

      Read More


      Lift Our Mother Earth:


      07-27-2010 Message 3: Council of OM,
      Circular Rainbow Infusion,
      Meditation-Visualization for Helping Lift Mother Earth

      Imagine Earth as a Child…
      Lift Her Up

      Do this at least once during the 5th - 8th of August, more if you like…

      Read More


      Peak Time to Clear & Create

      During this time opportunity
      to heartily clear and release
      old thought forms
      will be magnified.

      The opportunity to create
      that which you focus on
      will be magnified.

      The strength of energy
      will continue for several weeks,
      though 5th through the 8th
      will be the maximum peak moments.






      8-8 Wave of Love Lifts the Earth; Free Monthly Meditation

               Free Monthly Wave of Love in the Living Grid Meditation-Creation

                August 8th, 2010 at 8:08am & 8:08pm Your Local Time or anytime during this day.


      *     Monthly Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey.

      8-8 Teleconference Adventure Invitation:
      Lifting the Earth; Special Gift Activation from Council of OM


                Teleconference August 8th, 2010 @ 4:30pm Pacific Time: Register Here


      *     Archive Recordings of Past Travel Adventures Available Here


      *     New Heart Inner-Net: BETH: Learn More, Use the Grid for your own Projects



      *     Latest Blog Articles:  Messages of our New Universe


      *     Vibrakeys to support you as we rise to a new level & enter a new Consciousness of Living on Earth. Vibrakey Gallery , Fine Art Prints  Transformational Art Prints


      *     For Happy Healthy Water! Water Gallery,
      Many Water & Safe Environment Kits,       Elixir of Liquid Love for the best water ever!




      Let’s co-create a Wave of Love

      Lifting our Mother Earth…

      To a New Level of Consciousness…

      Free for everyone to participate everywhere in the world!

      Every month on powerful portal days we invite you to join together in the Living Grid
      & create our new Earth the way we desire it.

      This Month

      8-8 Wave of Love Lifts the Earth;
      Free Monthly Meditation

      08-08-2010 Sunday

      For optimum time begin at 8:08am or 8:08pm your local time

      & in a multi-dimensional reality you can intend anything you like

      & join when it is convenient.

      If you are unfamiliar with

      BETH; the Super Consciousness Living Grid

      Click the link above or

      see links below and familiarize yourself with her before you start

      as you will enter the grid first then

      Meditate-Visualize-Dream-Intend-Imagine & Create

      as you fill the wave with the images & feelings of the Reality you Desire.

      Go to the Full Message

      8-8 Wave of Love Lifts the Earth; Free Monthly Meditation

      for the all the hotlinks, actions & information

      Heal the WATER:

      There has been much focus on cleaning & healing the waters, since the Gulf Oil Spill focused our attentions. I can feel it very strong, & I feel the water's happiness. The messages I just posted include how to do the circular rainbow preparation for this 5th - 8th Earth Lift we are going to do for the Earth & ourselves. I bet the circular rainbows will help clean the dark players & the waters. When you place them inside every particle, they begin to spin faster when using love focused on them & when you share love with someone else they activate even more. We saw sparks flying! You could focus on purifying, clearing, healing the planetary waters, especially where oil is leaking or gushing,  while you create the wave:

      Clean Sparkling Pure Alive Water Designs of Many Kinds




      Our New Grid is an Ongoing Project

      Feel free to enter & energize, work with & explore BETH at anytime!

      The more we use her the stronger we will all grow together;

      the sooner we will have the Reality we Desire.

      The power of all of us consciously focusing together

      is what will create a kind of bonding fusion

      between our consciousness & the Grid.

      Read More About Her Here




      Teleconference Invitation


      Teleconference Invitation


      Stabilize & Lift Mother Earth
      Special Activation


      8-8 Lifting Mother Earth Registration


      Join us for an
      Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey
      into the

      New Super Consciousness Living Grid:

      Teleconference Sunday August 8th, 2010 at 4:30pm Pacific Time

      Marimar, Saleena Kí, Colin Whitby , Suzanna Kennedy & Lanny Sinkin

      as your

      Omni-Dimensional Creation & Travel Adventure Guides

      August 8th Theme:

      8-8 Teleconference Adventure Invitation:
      Lifting the Earth;
      Special Gift Activation from Council of OM

      Council of OM
      Belees & the Arcturian
      MaRi Magdalene

      Message 3: Council of OM: Lift the Earth; Call to Action!

      Message 2: Stabilize the Earth & Yourselves;
      Belees the Arcturian; Rainbows & Crop Circles


      Learn how to Stabilize & Energize yourself, Mother Earth & ALL Life in, on & surrounding Mother Earth with a kind of circular spinning Rainbow. Prepare for a major lift or rise of Earth during the 5th - 8th portal opening. Read about how much stronger this Sirian Lion’s Gate is going to be for both cleansing & creation.



      Message 1: Sacred Marriage & Aligning
      for a Grand Cosmic Event
      August 5th-8th: MaRi Magdalene



      Register Here for Teleconference

      A recording of will be available so you can join us anytime.


      Explore, Bond & Co-Create in BETH.
      Come Play with us in the
      New Heart-Based Telepathic Communications InnerNet

      VK64 Inside BETH

      Join us for a Guided Journey to PLAY
      Stabilize & Activate!

      as Creator Gods

      co-creating a New Reality

      & most of all Have Fun Adventuring

      into multi-dimensions to LightPlay together!

      This is our time to have fun learning omni-dimensional skills together.

      Register Here for Teleconference

      ***If page is unavailable email me***

      A recording of will be available.



      Things You May do Before the Teleconference Journey:


      *     Use the Circular Rainbow Visualization Everyday to Stabilize Read How


      *     Meet BETH



      If you haven’t been into her before, please familiarize yourself with basics first:

      Learn more About BETH HERE 

      BETH Super Consciousness Grid Page  HERE

      THEME: BETH Lists all Stories & Articles HERE

      New System is Online; Beth: Use Her: Assembly of Earth Councils

      Listen to the Recordings from our first Teleconference:

      * Meeting Kilabetha aka Beth: Heart InnerNet – Introduction (mp3 download, 63 minutes)
      * Heart InnerNet – Journey Into Grid (mp3 download, 50 minutes)


      For more details about the Grid System:
      New Earth Grid; Higher Communications System: MaRi Magdalene

      New Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Creational Heart –

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