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44938[ANGEL] 15 Aries, The Angels of Problem Solving in Science and Philosophy

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Apr 3, 2010
      The 15th degree of any sign is especially pure and potent.
       It is sometimes called the 'heart' of the sign.
      This message is the heart of spiritual will to love.

      "Divine Warrior of Love "
      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser 
      oil on linen 


      15 degrees Aries

      The Angels of

      Problem Solving in Science and Philosophy

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Golog’



      We help to solve any problem in the material world for the Child of Light who is impulsed with divine Love to create new realities, particularly in philosophy and science.


      The divine virtue of Grace and Mercy, the virtue of letter G, awakens  flowing feelings of grace and mercy that emit emerald green light . Divine Grace of the emotional realm confers gifts of  true divine blessing for self and others.  This virtue of flowing emotions of divine blessing, the water element, has sensations  of coolness and shines through the left eye.


      The powerful divine transmutation of any situation, thing, or problem through the power of cognition brought about by Love Divine, is the virtue of umlaut O, eu, shining with dark orange light. Because transmutation through seeing through the eyes of divine love is the densest expression of the akashic element of consciousness penetrating all, this virtue has sensations of ethereal earth, or weight penetrating all.  Divine loving cognition transmutes anything into its original perfect divine blueprint. Divine Cognition of love radiates from the ovaries and testicles.


       Divine Justice and harmony is the virtue of letter O, shining with an ultramarine blue light and sensations of weight because it is a virtue of the earth element of physical manifestation. This virtue that justice is harmony and harmony is justice. With this virtue, any situation in the physical world can be  created without incurring any negative karma. Harmony is the key to mastering astrophysics and metaphysics.  Harmony brings success and satisfaction to every endeavor and situation.  It shines through the throat and windpipes.


      All of the divine virtues taken together, letter L, shine with olive green lights and sensations of relaxation and ease, because this is the virtue of the air element, of deep inner thought. All of the divine virtues awaken true spiritual morality, vitality, and awe of the splendor and majesty of Divine Being.  This virtue of vitality and youthening shines through the spleen, which in Chinese medicine is the organ of Chi or life force.


      Divine transmutation and justice and harmony are repeated again, vitalized and empowered with deep spiritual morality.


       Then Divine Grace and Mercy flows with divine peace in the spirit, bringing about true happiness and abundance.


       Through these divine virtues, overviews and grand perspectives in philosophy integrate different viewpoints.


       Now a child of light can synthesize various disparate schools of thought so that they support and complete each other.


       We tie together science and philosophy so that they become one continuous science of thought that showcases the Magnificence and the Majesty of Supreme Consciousness.

      The ultimate purpose of all philosophy is to enhance seekers’ paths to enlightenment.

      Insights in philosophy are powerful spiritual tools and are necessary for the victory of love. 





      Here is one of our stories:



      Once upon a time, a brilliant and gifted man named Paul had an amazing experience.


       Paul had always thought of himself as a misfit and an outcast even though he had graduated at the top of his class in Law at Harvard.


      Paul had never fit in socially. 

        He was so uncomfortable with society that eventually he had stopped even trying.


      Even though everyone knew that he was at the very top of the class in intelligence,  he was so far below the bottom socially that no one would hang out with him.

      No law firm could handle his lack of social graces so he ended up alone.


      Paul learned to love being alone.


      He liked his own company.


      His mind was so busy that he was never bored. He enjoyed his life immensely.


       He fished often at Sloan’s Mill Lake, finding company and solace in the beauty of nature.

      Years went by.


       Finally, in Washington, an emergency at top secret levels of government had very important people in crisis. No one knew what to do.


       Officials were over their heads in double binds. In this particular emergency they were scrambling to prevent an all out meltdown in Chinese relations.

       Some of the top officials were Harvard graduates and had known how brilliant Paul really was. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, a wild hunch that someone had that maybe old Paul The Brain could pull this one out. Someone was told to call Paul.

      He was in his boat when the call came. He looked to see who it was, reacting in shock that party boozer Marty Crane, Mr. Popularity himself, was on the line.


        His eyebrows flew up as Marty begged for his help and opinion.

      His first impulse was to love Marty. Paul deeply and innocently loved everyone.

      His first reaction to Marty was no exception.


      His second impulse, though, was to throw the phone down in the water in a burst of outrage and anger. Marty had been his number one enemy at Harvard, a   primary instigator of painful putdowns and ridicule against him.


      His third impulse, which is the one he acted on, was to sit and listen patiently while Marty went on about the expected scenario of impending doom.

      "For goodness sake!" thought Paul as the picture became clear to him," As usual, Party Marty doesn’t understand the least little thing about the philosophy and the science of what is going on.

      So Marty rambled on, trying to act friendly even though he knew that he had no right to approach Paul about anything. If the situation had not been so volatile and hopeless, and his own reputation on the line, he would never have had the courage to speak to Paul at all.


      But it worked. Paul began to realize the immensity of the situation, which looked extremely serious, and accepted Marty’s plea to come up. 


      A few hours later a helicopter landed and flew him to Washington. Paul found himself in a fancy paneled strategy room starring at a circle of darkly guarded faces.

      Calling on the Angels of ‘Golog’, Paul let worried officials brief him about the dreaded scenario that could happen around the world if this situation kept getting more and more inflamed.


      The more he was told, the more frantic and hopeless everyone expected him to get.  However, the Angels of ‘Golog’  so infused Paul with divine virtues that he was increasingly filled with bliss and relaxation as he saw more and more what to do.

      The more they talked, the more relaxed Paul became. A pleasing smile played over his features, and his eyes shone forth delight.


       He was so relaxed that he slumped down in his chair with his head resting on one hand and propped up elbow. His eyes began to nod.


      Finally everyone realized that Paul must be in deep thought.


       A strange power came over them, feeling the power of the divine virtues emanating from him, they quieted down patiently while he meditated.

      Never was a room of thirteen men quieter.

      After twenty three minutes, Paul straightened up, cleared his throat, and one by one looked each person deeply in the eye.

      "Gentlemen", he said, clearing his throat" The problem is not what you think."

      Shock ! 

      "Let me explain." he continued elegantly, "The Chinese have traditions concerning  esteem and honor that go back thousands and thousands of years. These social tendencies are not completely erased by a generation or two of political upheaval."

      He commenced to outline diplomatic moves that centered around respect, patience, brilliance, common sense, humility, dignity, generosity and graciousness.

      It was a simple and eye opening concept. It appealed differently but strongly to each of the men at the table.


      They worked out the details. The simple part was to discretely but publicly promote Mrs. Ong, a gifted agent who worked directly under one of them, to a prestigious level of official power and send her to visit a distant cousin in Beijing.  This relative was married to an insider, a high ranking officer in the Chinese military who was popular in the powerful elite.


       It was to be ‘unofficial’, a family visit; that is all.


       The plan was to be carried out in the form of polite and subtle gossip.


       In the relaxed and dignified atmosphere of family, Mrs. Ong was to express, in confidence and casual conversation, with simple and innocent elegance, the shame and embarrassment of certain American officials that she worked with who felt that they had unintentionally "jumped the gun" and acted hastily and erroneously with the Chinese.


       She was to mention how regretful they had been in making a series of unfortunate "mistakes", misjudging the "high integrity and truthful insight" of the Chinese government’s “reasonable and intelligent” intentions and demands.

      Paul explained that that this is what it would take to start the healing process: a loving and sincere revelation expressing personal humility and admiration for the enemy 

        so that feelings of dignity on both sides are reestablished.


        The unabashed truth of the situation had been that both the American and Chinese officials had acted hastily and defensively, both showing poor and dangerous judgment.

      With the help of the Angels of ‘Golog’, Paul saw ongoing wonderful solutions to affect the situation favorably.  He outlined to Mrs. Ong ways to address a certain toxic waste problem in China that would save the Chinese government billions of dollars and lots of embarrassment. He told her how to demonstrate how it could be implemented to rescue countless people and heal the environment so that the Chinese government would look like champions in the eyes of its own people and earn the respect of the world.


       He coached her to mention that she could successfully suggest relocating several disputed American enterprises so that they no longer intimidated the territorial feelings of the Chinese. And finally, to top it off, he taught her how to explain that the equipment for the detoxification program would create much more wealth for the owners of military weapons suppliers  than  the gruesome and unacceptable alternative of war would have.


      The Chinese people were in no mood for more war at the present time. The military industrial complex was in constant need of money.  It was an irresistible package. This way everyone would come out winners. No losers anywhere.


      The equipment for the toxic waste cleanup could be easily manufactured and supplied by weapons manufacturers. They had everything to produce the "crickets", or semi-truck trailers with everything needed inside to turn any kind of toxic sludge into pure drinking water and superior building materials.

      Everyone was satisfied when Paul finished outlining the plan.  


       They all could see that Paul’s plan would work.  He had covered all the bases and then some.


       Marty was hailed as a hero for having suggested the idea of involving Paul.


      Paul had given them a clear idea of both the science and the philosophy of making a delicious lemonade out of this bitter bunch of lemons. The heavenly hosts had a way of doing that.


      Mrs. Ong had a lovely trip to China.


      She met many long lost relatives and discovered a deep abiding connection to the home of her ancestors. Everything went smoothly, just as planned.  


      Victory had been snatched out of the jaws of defeat.




       Word of the Americans’ humiliation and regret got to the Chinese officials very quickly and smoothly. Tensions eased, and soon the detoxification technology was secretly accepted.


       As the worse toxic sites were cleaned up, producing clean water and safe rot-proof and bug-proof building materials, the Chinese government was hailed as environmental geniuses.


      The weapons manufacturers discovered, to their delight, that they really were going to make more money than they had making weapons, because demands for their detox equipment kept flooding in from all over the world. They rejoiced because, unlike supplying a war that comes and goes, the detox equipment would always be needed.

      And Paul the Brain finally won respect and understanding that he had always deserved, and made friends with those who had been his previous antagonists.

      Thanking the Angels of ‘Golog’ for their help and inspiration, he politely turned down numerous offers of jobs and consulting positions that were presented to him.  Instead, he felt it was best to return to his boat at Sloan’s Mill Lake.

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