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    Feb 15, 2010
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      Uriel Heals Newsletter
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      Enlightening Your LifeFebruary 15, 2010


      The Cord Disconnection and Healing meditation CD has received rave reviews and testimonials. To purchase, click here.     
      Happy new year! We held the energy of 2009 until its final moment and now it is over. The 2010 predictions are now up and you can read them here. This month's article is entitled Choices and Choosing.  Our life path moves from one choice to the next and as we make choices and decisions we are aware of the next ones. Some choices are easy, others are quite challenging. While we are aware of a limited range of choices, we actually have a constantly unfolding, unlimited array of choices. How do we know how far we have progressed in our healing journey? The choices that we consider are our best confirmation. When we have completed one aspect of our lessons, we have new choices available to us. If not, we still have work to do. Read about it in the first article. Do you become invisible when your energy is challenged by someone? These are our tests of power and you can read about this important subject in the second article. Join my Expanding Love Project on Facebook, which is continuing beyond Valentine's Day. Archangel Uriel's message this week tells us to ponder our journey, which brings us to awareness of the meaning and beauty of each step. This week's Indigo/Crystal article speaks to wild Crystal men and how their life experiences have contributed to the presence of the Indigo energy today. Visit the website to see a list of traits and decide whether you are Indigo or Crystal ... or both.
      Read the February article on the Uriel Heals website.
      The series on Indigos and Suicide is available on the Today's Children page in response to your requests. Read the newsletter in Spanish at Templo del Sol, thank you Xitlalli! The link is on the Uriel Heals home page. Be sure to visit the Lightworker Resources page on the website to see helpful tools for your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. I would like to welcome all of our new subscribers and thank you for joining the Uriel Heals Newsletter. Recent newsletters and articles are available on the 'Archives' page. The subscriber list grows daily and your emails and testimonials are appreciated. To ensure that you receive the newsletters please add its email address, healing@... to your address book. All articles are copyright (c) Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. Reprint is allowed with author and website mention. For more information visit www.urielheals.com.

      You Are Your Choices

      Every step on our path presents us with a wide option of choices even if only one appears to be available. Our human vision, which reflects our fears, emotions, karmic history and life experiences, limits our choices to the extent that even if the best and most perfect solution is before us, we will ignore them and choose the one that most closely addresses our fears in the short term, even if that choice keeps us right where we are. When we want to know where we are in our spiritual growth all we have to do is look at the choices we make.

      We can look back on previous choices and wonder what we were thinking when we made them. Why did we choose that partner, when our inner guidance told us that they were the wrong person? Why did we select a particular job, living situation, or friend? Why did we avoid choosing something else? Where we are at this moment represents the total of all choices we have made in the past. And none of our choices was wrong, each one held important information for our spiritual growth. The fact that we are ready to review them means that we are ready to consider other options.

      Each choice reflects our karma, healing, soul group and mission. We do not need confirmation of our healing purpose, all we have to do is review the options we have to choose from. And after we choose, we can review how we have incorporated our life lessons through our awareness of the next set of choices we consider. Are they different or the same? If they are different, then we have made progress and our energies are higher. If they are the same, we still have lessons to learn in this area and our energies have not shifted.

      The partnership of spirit and humanity is the ascension path. As we incorporate that path into our human experience we are open to accepting a wider array of choices. When we choose through our humanity every choice reflects our fears. When we choose from spirit we make an intention to stand in our power. If we want to become a powerful, successful and joyful person, our intention must be for those things and then all of the choices that can make that reality true will be the ones we recognize and connect to. This week, set an intention for what you want in your life, be willing to ask for guidance and allow yourself to recognize the powerful, divine choices that will make your dreams possible.
      Read the February article. You can read the Frog and Scorpion fable from November's message by clicking here.
      The Uriel Heals  Enlightening Life radio show 
      My voice is back! The next Uriel Heals Enlightening Life radio show will be Wednesday, February 17 at 8PM Central time on Blog Talk Radio. We will have a special channel and meditation with Archangel Uriel.  Listen to last week's show by clicking here. We will discuss the newsletter and readings are available to callers in the second half of the show. Call in at 718-664-6504. Click
      here for show details and to download or listen to previous shows. 

      Are You Invisible?
      This week's Conscious Life Expo in LA broke their previous attendance records, showing the growing interest in spiritual learning. One incident caught my attention because it addresses the choices we make when face when we are threatened by someone else's energy. Do we pull in our energy and become invisible or do we use the situation as an opportunity to find and center our power? As we embrace our power we may be challenged by situations that allow us to practice using it.  

      An exhibitor near me, a kind and gentle soul, had rented half a booth because she did not think she could afford a whole booth. Her booth mate was not there the first day and on the second day, she made a grand entrance, claiming her half of the front table and adding a second one which took up much of the booth. She had very strong, rather scattered energy and sold chocolate, which attracted large groups who gathered around the table to sample the chocolate.

      Several times during the day I looked over at the booth and saw that the gentle soul was very unhappy. Her booth mate was so much more aggressive and the crowds blocked clients from her table. Threatened by this, she pulled in her energy until she was nearly invisible, which meant that she was not attracting any clients at all. I invited her to my booth and we talked about her invisibility and the choices she faced, to be threatened and pull in her energy or to face this challenge and assert her own energy to draw clients and make her exhibit successful.

      Today her choice was obvious. She arrived, strong and confident, determined to have a successful day. She radiated with powerful energy and peace, knowing that this lesson was, for her, a test of her ability to be in her power. What do you do when you are faced with someone whose energy threatens yours? Do you become invisible, withdrawing and making yourself as small as possible? Or do you step up to the challenge and remember that there is enough for everyone and that another's energy cannot threaten you unless you allow it to.
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      In response to your requests, I am offering a four part manifestation class that will cover the basics of manifestation, abundance and prosperity, setting intention and co-creation. Registration and information are available on the website.

      Uriel's Message -- Ponder Your Path

      There is beauty and magnificence of your life journey even within what you would call your darkest days. Each experience of your darkest energies, which your soul brings to your consciousness for healing, is a cause for celebration as you bring light to the pain and suffering that is the energy of the third dimension. The darkness is worthy of as much love as the light for it is through the knowing darkness that you can appreciate the light. Do you curse the darkness over the light? There is nothing to curse. The more beneficial path is to ponder the darkness and its role on your journey, to reflect on each step and find the balance and shift of darkness and light because this is how your humanity stays in balance with your soul's growth.

      The growth available with each step is known when you reflect on their true nature, the reasons for their being, which is solely in the realm of healing. The earth is a place for healing and you are bringing it to the state of being healed and whole. This is why each of you has disconnected and undertaken journeys of pain and separation. You are each a mirror of the earth's energies and a partner of the earth to bring its energies into alignment with its divine purpose and ascension.  You cannot do this when you curse the pain and suffering within the darkness you see around you, but you can when you ponder and reflect on the healing that can be had through the awareness of the roles of the dark and light in healing and ascension.

      Like a pebble that breaks the stillness of calm water, so does the darkness bring you to a new awareness of the beauty of the ascension journey that is only possible through its awakening of your awareness of the need for healing. Do you curse the pebble because it has disturbed the water? You admire the ripples on the water that flow to the edges and then become calm. This is your healing journey. The surface or illusion or calm is shifted to accommodate the energies as they shift and then once they settle, all is calm and a new energetic vibration has been created.

      So great is your purpose that its true nature is hidden from you as your human minds cannot grasp the magnitude of the roles you play in ascension. But your soul has an awareness that extends into the cosmos, beyond the boundaries of human perception. Each step on your journey reverberates throughout the heavens as you close the pathways that bring lower energies into the earth plane. This is the ascension and you are its leaders. Appreciate the journey that has brought you here as it was necessary and part of your divine and cosmic plan. Embrace your role as those who will integrate the earth into its true place within the cosmos and celebrate yourselves as the divine, multi-dimensional and timeless emissaries of ascension.
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      The featured healers this month are listed in the Business Resource Directory. Please visit their websites.
      Pam Dussault of Passage to Inner Joy, website
      Brenda Teagarden of Oneness Blessings, website
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      Expanding Love Project
      Join me and a global community to use the energy of love that is being focused in this Valentine's Day period, expanding it to create a new vibration of love for the world.
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      Wild Crystal Men

      Of all of the members of the generations that have brought Indigo and Crystal energy into the world, it is the adult Crystal Men who have probably had the most difficult challenges. Like other adult Indigos, they are also in their 40s and beyond and have struggled with their energy most of their lives. The biggest challenge for adult Crystal men was to bring in a gentler aspect of male energy to the world which expected them to continue the energies of domination and control that have been part of the male energies since the beginning of time.
      These highly sensitive, gentle and kind souls were to bring compassion, empathy and feeling back to the male energy which had become distorted through centuries of focusing on power, domination and control. Many tried to change their soul group energies by joining highly dysfunctional, aggressive and control-oriented families. Others chose to use music, art and writing as their vehicles for change. And others embodied physical illness and disease to create compassion.

      Because adult Crystal men embodied compassionate, feeling energy that has been considered as belonging to females, they found themselves in a space that was undefined and very misunderstood. No one was ready to become or to accept a more 'feminine' male energy and this created a great deal of misunderstanding. So the Crystals receded, as they tend to, to protect themselves, ready to wait until the time was right for them. Some became reclusive and others escaped into a highly spiritual existence that ignored the material world.
      Now it is time for them to come out of their cocoon and step back into the world that needs a new definition for the male energy. The days of male domination and control are over and adult Crystal men can now reconnect to their 'wild' side which means expressing the compassion and creativity that they have withheld for so long. What forms does that take? It can be anything that inspires and motivates them, that brings joy, peace and fulfillment to their lives. While they do not mind working in the background, they need an outlet for their energies that allow them to express their gifts while staying centered in their power. The world is ready for this new male energy and it is up to you to show the world what it is and how to use it.

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