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    Feb 1, 2010
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      Uriel Heals Newsletter
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      Enlightening Your LifeFebruary 1, 2010


      The Cord Disconnection and Healing meditation CD has received rave reviews and testimonials. To purchase, click here.     
      Happy new year! We held the energy of 2009 until its final moment and now it is over. The 2010 predictions are now up and you can read them here. This month's article is entitled Choices and Choosing.  Our life path moves from one choice to the next and as we make choices and decisions we are aware of the next ones. Some choices are easy, others are quite challenging. While we are aware of a limited range of choices, we actually have a constantly unfolding, unlimited array of choices. But there is a difference between choices and choosing, which is where we get stuck. We may have unlimited choices but we do not know what to choose. And often these choices must be made under challenging circumstances. This is when we need to know how to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. We think this light holds the solution to our problems but if we run towards it from fear, our relief will be short. How do we get to the light at the end of the tunnel and move the energy? Read about it in the first article. The second article discusses the Energies of February. Archangel Uriel's message reminds us that we should practice communicating with the divine, which is our source and Source, in everything.  Are you a Crystal wild woman who needs to re-ignite her passion? Many of you are and you can release any regret and sadness and continue your transformational work. Visit the website to see a list of traits and decide whether you are Indigo or Crystal ... or both.
      Read the February article on the Uriel Heals website.
      The series on Indigos and Suicide is available on the Today's Children page in response to your requests. Read the newsletter in Spanish at Templo del Sol, thank you Xitlalli! The link is on the Uriel Heals home page. Be sure to visit the Lightworker Resources page on the website to see helpful tools for your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. I would like to welcome all of our new subscribers and thank you for joining the Uriel Heals Newsletter. Recent newsletters and articles are available on the 'Archives' page. The subscriber list grows daily and your emails and testimonials are appreciated. To ensure that you receive the newsletters please add its email address, healing@... to your address book. All articles are copyright (c) Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. Reprint is allowed with author and website mention. For more information visit www.urielheals.com.

      The Light at the End of the Tunnel

      If our path has unlimited choices, why do we seem to move from one choice to another, seeing only one option before us and too often it is just as bad as the situation we are currently in? Of course there are no bad choices or options, but when we are in dire straits and the light at the end of the tunnel is very dim, we can feel pretty hopeless. But, when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we're still in the tunnel, looking for a way out.

      Everything in our life is a choice and if we can remember that in each situation, we can learn to control how we choose. Are we choosing from fear, desperation or laziness? Are we aware that other choices are out there and we just cannot see them yet? Do we consult with our own inner guides and ask for their help? While they won't tell us what to do, they can open our awareness to other choices.

      The light at the end of the tunnel is generally not the magic elixir that will solve all of our problems. It is just the next choice on our path. And it may take several steps for us to get out of our tunnel of fear and powerlessness, the one we created to help us recognize and release our fear. If we are simply wanting a way out we will find the choice that does that, and we will find ourselves in the same situation with different scenery.

      Getting out of the tunnel and into the light is a relief and then we need to make the next choice to take the next step. If our rush to the light is done with understanding, awareness and responsibility, we will have solutions that take us into a higher vibration. If it is done through fear, our relief will be brief as we have yet another problem to solve. But the light is the constant here, it is our vibration that sets the energies for what we manifest. There is always a solution to every situation that mirrors our energies. No matter how big or small the situation appears to be, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that will bring us back to joy if we are willing to release the fear and be willing to work with the light to create a new and different reality.
      Read the February article. You can read the Frog and Scorpion fable from November's message by clicking here.
      The Uriel Heals  Enlightening Life radio show 
      My voice is back! The next Uriel Heals Enlightening Life radio show will be Wednesday, February 3 at 8PM Central time on Blog Talk Radio. Listen to last week's show by clicking here. We will discuss the newsletter and readings are available to callers in the second half of the show. Call in at 718-664-6504. Click
      here for show details and to download or listen to previous shows. 

      The Energies of February
      Whew, January is over. Did you feel the big energy shift that happened during its last week? It arrived with sleeplessness, weight gain, dizziness, nausea and confusion, all familiar symptoms of the energy shifts of 2009, which we thought were over. And they are for the most part. What we felt last week was an energetic vacuum, as a huge amount of lower vibrating energy was removed and replaced with higher levels, a process that took several days. This was discussed on the January 27 radio show in detail.

      The world's compassionate response to the Haiti earthquake gave us access to vast quantities of higher energetic vibrations. But first the old vibrations had to go. Because energy moves from unconscious to conscious awareness, we feel overwhelmed by what appears to be a huge amount of negativity, followed by a sense of confusion and fear because we are between energies and then the higher energies move in and it takes a few days for us to settle into it.

      This is what we will experience in February, highs and lows that can be frustrating and confusing because we believe that we are beyond the lower energy. From the perspective of our spiritual growth, we have moved beyond it. What has changed is our awareness, how we feel about the energy and the fact that we can now choose to engage with it or not.

      February's energy will be about engaging with ourselves, our energies and our new vibrations. This involves what we choose to do, the path we choose to follow, how we choose to release people, energies, memories and situations, and whether we have courage to step into new opportunities. For lifetimes, we have said that we want to be at this place energetically and here we are. What we did not expect was that at this place we are free to do what we want. Once we have released karma, the guideposts that have dictated how we lived our lives are gone. Your question for February is 'what do you want?' Have a wonderful month.

      Uriel's Message -- Communicate with the Divine

      You have a constant, ever-present path of communication to the divine, which you call Source, God or the Universe. This path of connection is always available to you whenever you need it, to answer your questions, give you comfort, love and guidance and a greater understanding of your path. It is both your source and Source, your link to your own infinite self. If you cannot make that connection it is because you start from without, from the world you know, instead of within, where it is centered.
      Source is what you knew before you incarnated into your human presence. It represents everything you knew before you accepted your human mission. Before you knew separation, you knew connection. Before you knew fear, you knew love. Before you knew sadness, you knew great joy. Before you were aware of powerlessness, you knew infinite power. Everything you know in the as polarity in material world you know as connection within you.

      There is a spark of light and love within each of you that becomes dimmed with the separation you must undertake to become human. The purpose of your journey is to allow that light to shine brightly, which releases separation, removing all memory of the darkest nights of your soul and remembering that they are an aspect of humanity that you have come to transform. To connect with the Divine is to remember yourselves as divine.

      Open your connection to the divine by remembering that it is who you are. You are an emanation of God. All of the power, presence and light of the Universe are held within you. It is the purpose of the third dimension to remind you that you are powerless and your purpose is to release this belief and bring to the third dimension the memory of unconditional love. Practice communicating with your divine self in all ways and in everything to receive the guidance you need for your path, to remember the experience of unconditional love and to reconnect to the unlimited source of light and power that will help you create your heaven on earth.
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      Pam Dussault of Passage to Inner Joy, website
      Brenda Teagarden of Oneness Blessings, website
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      Crystal Wild Women

      Last week I wrote about the Wild Indigo Women and so many of you expressed gratitude for this message because it helped you understand your life and why it was so difficult. Knowing that your purpose was to create the chaos and drama that you did so you could bring the world to more compassion and acceptance helped take the edge of off the pain you have struggled with. I have had these conversations during sessions with Crystal women too, who do not understand why they suffered so much when they had so much love and compassion for others. They feel ignored and, since their work is done in quiet ways, unsuccessful.

      But there is the wild woman energy in adult Crystals too and like the Indigos, you also came to introduce massive change and in the process, were martyred, rejected, betrayed and sometimes nearly destroyed emotionally. Adult Crystals, who are forty years old and older, came to bring the energies of compassion, joy and acceptance to a world that was fueled by discord, separation, judgment and pain. You came to heal these energies by being an example of them and holding that energetic space for others. And you suffered a great deal.

      Many of you took on the task of healing challenging soul groups energies. Some of you did this within families and suffered many kinds of abuse, trauma, or you were the parent to your parents and siblings. Some did this on a global level by becoming modern day martyrs, who introduced new ideas about compassion and were killed by those who feared change and a loss of power. Others chose to embody tragedy, chronic illness, disease and other physical issues to help create awareness in the medical community that would lead to new discoveries for healing.

      Whatever path you chose, the purpose was the healing of humanity through your light, which you unselfishly offered to a world that needed it but was not quite ready to accept it. And I also feel your sadness and pain because you truly want the world to heal. You have not failed in your work. The lesson you had to learn was one of accepting others' paths and their willingness to heal, or not. It is also time for you to re-ignite your spark, to share your gifts with others and to find that 'wild woman' within you who knows that it is through experiencing her own joy that she brings the most joy to others.

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