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43835Perkl-Light sale ends in 2 days - Read this independent product review

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  • Ash
    Oct 1, 2009
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      Alpha Point Perkl-Light Big Bang
      Does the alpha point access energies from beyond the "big bang?"

      The Perkl-Light has won an award!
      EMR Logo
      2009 New and Innovative Product award.


      Pre-post data graph
      We are excited to inform you that we are beginning to get some research done on the Perkl-Light.  

      Dr. Beverly Rubik, founder of the Institute for Frontier Science, has been kind enough to do some "before and after" sessions with her GDV camera in her lab.  The graph above is of a 50 year old man and a 58 year old woman, before and after a 20-minute exposure to the Alpha Point, on the "Clarity" setting. Dr. Rubik describes these results as "remarkable, comparable to a person doing an hour of qigong or yoga. "

      Yet another indication of the magic of the new Alpha Point Perkl-Light.
      Alpha Point Perkl-Light - on sale for 2 more days.  Read this product review
      Timeforawakening.com has written a really wonderful review of the Alpha Point Perkl-Light.  If you are on the fence about whether the Perkl-Light is for you, this independent product review could give you a good idea of what sort of experience you would have as a Perkl-Light owner.  Once you read the review, you might want to take advantage of our sale, while the opportunity lasts.  Read the product review.

      Dear Martin, 

      Save $50 to $100 - Alpha Point Perkl-Lights are on sale now through October 2nd...
      If you have been waiting to buy your Perkl-Light, now is a great time. Now through October 2nd, You can take advantage of the higher-vibrational energies of the Alpha Point and get your Perkl-Light on sale! There are two options:
      Buy your Alpha Point Perkl-Light now!

        Existing customers - do you need an upgrade?

      We have been selling the Alpha Point Perkl-Lights since mid-June.  If your Perkl-Light has a sticker on the bottom that looks like this:

      Alpha Point Sticker

      then you are good to go - you do not need an upgrade.
      If your Perkl-Light has a sticker on the bottom that looks like one of these: 
      Zero Point StickerPhysical Level Perkl-Light Sticker
      then we recommend getting an upgrade at a time that works for you. There is a consideration that you should be aware of - our supplier has discontinued the LEDs that are used in the upgrades. So we are collecting names on a waiting list until the situation has been resolved.

      email: info@...            
      phone: 1-877-PERKL-4-U (877-737-5548)
      skype: david.thomas95
      Perkl-Light at Star Energetics LLC | 1716 A North Main St. #333 | Longmont | CO | 80501

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
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