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  • Patti Garrett
    Nov 30, 2002
      Hi Cynthia Rose:
      I was so touched by your explanation about how you come up with stationery for the moon angel information.  It is really amazing to me that the angels freeze up your computer in that way.  What a wonderful way to get messages from the angels!  
      I also liked your comment about our life being like the ocean and that is better to go with the flow rather than against it.  It reminded me that when I resist or try to go against it in some way, no matter how small, nothing ever works as it should.  So I just wanted to tell you thanks for reminding me of the very important life lesson tonight, one I need to write on a card and put all over my apartment so I will never forget it again.
      I just feel so very blessed to be able to share your wonderful stationary and would really like to be able to keep some of them in a separate file because I receive the wording from another source, and since regular writing takes up less space than html writing, I keep just the written part in a file by themselves.  However, I want to continue to receive yours because of the music and the stationery which does not come with the written words of the other messages I receive from another source.  But, every time I have tried to delete the words and keep the stationery to put in another file from your postings, I end up deleting the stationery, too.  And I hate that because I really love some of the pictures you send, especially those of the really beautiful angels.
      I did not mean to take up so much of your time; all I really wanted to do was thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us, and since I have done that, I will go for now.  Have a wonderful evening, and a beautiful day tomorrow.
      Peace, love and light,
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