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42579An invitation to receive Sundarah 2009 with Qala Sri'ama - Sydney April 2nd - 5th

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  • Ash
    Feb 27, 2009

      Sundarah 2009 ~ Abundance, Prosperity and Love
      with Qala Sri'ama

      ~ Gifting you with the power to attract Abundance, Prosperity and Love ~

      ***Online registration for Sundarah 2009 is now open at www.Sundarah2009.com ***

      Blessings of love to you,

      Sundarah means ‘blessings from the source of creation’ and is also an annual retreat with Qala Sri’ama and the Enlightened Masters held at Marrickville Town Hall, about 20 minutes from Sydney. In 2009 Sundarah is on Abundance, Prosperity and Love and you are now invited to visit the Sundarah website, which is part of the NEW Academy of Energy Science & Consciousness website www.thedivineuniversity.com that has just been launched.
      The Sundarah 2009 opening ceremony starts at 6pm (with the first session starting at 7pm) on Thursday 2nd April and will conclude at 4.30pm on Sunday 5th April. Attendance is by donation and all are welcome to come and receive a new consciousness for your prosperity in life. To see the Sundarah 2009 Program, please click here.
      During this year’s Sundarah all will receive divine blessings for our ability to attract and spread abundance and prosperity. As well as receiving deep healing, new teachings and illuminations to change our brain chemistry, we will be anchoring a healing portal to bring divine assistance to humanity and the earth during the economic changes that are occurring.
      To register for the event, please click here or visit www.Sundarah2009.com and click on the Register Now link

      FREE Thursday night – Thursday 2nd April from 7pm – 9pm

      In 2008, over 150 people attended the FREE Thursday night and this year we are hoping that many, many more come along to experience the profound work of Qala Sri’ama and the Enlightened Masters that she works with.
      This year the FREE Thursday night session is on ‘How to Prosper and Attract Abundance to You, through Love, for the Higher Good of All Beings’ and is suitable for everyone. If you are thinking about attending Sundarah but would like to experience some of Qala’s work first, this is a perfect opportunity to come along and experience the profoundly loving and transformational energies that Qala is able to gift all beings in her presence.
      We hope that you can pass this invitation on to your friends, clients and family that may be interested in holding and spreading the consciousness of abundance and to help grow the Academy in 2009. The funds raised from Sundarah will be used to further improve the website, expand the Academy and bring transformation and greater love to those that seek it.
      If you have any questions about Sundarah 2009 or would like to volunteer your time to assist with marketing the event in your area of Sydney, please contact zsjaria@....
      With an abundance of love to you all,
      The Academy of Energy Science & Consciousness

      The Divine University Project www.thedivineuniversity.com

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