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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Nov 30, 2002
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      I love the discussion on the symbology of the dolphin stationery for the Moon Angels of 8 Sag, it is beautiful.
      Here's  the story.
      I have asked for, and have received, LOTS of help in getting out the angel messages.  One of the things the angels do is freeze up the computer if I am about to send the message out before it is ready. I asked them to do this as a fail safe.
      In this instance,  I first chose another stationery, and when I tried to copy and paste it from Microsoft Word, MS froze and I had to close the program and reopen it.  Usually this is enough for me to get it that the angels want another stationery, but sometimes, like this time, I try again to the same one because I really like it.  Needless to say, it freezes again.
      So now I know for certain that THEY DO NOT WANT ME TO USE THAT PARTICULAR STATIONERY.  I go through the entire process the third time, and into deep receptivity as to the choice of stationery.   
      When I came to the dolphins, they said THIS IS IT, BECAUSE THE MOON GOVERNS EMOTION, WHICH IS THE WATER ELEMENT.  They wanted everyone to understand that emotional life is analogous to living in the ocean.  We have to flow, we can't stay still etc.
      I have to learn to swim with the flow...not resist or close my eyes.
      It was a much deeper level of insight for me.
      Cynthia Rose
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