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  • Grace Hope
    Feb 1, 2009
      Hi Nachi,
      I could say the same for myself, and I have come a long way though. One of the things that have taught me to accept myself, believe it or not, is an abused stray cat who adopted me (instead of vice versa). Even though I love her, I noticed I have to be careful when I pet her as she being so used to abuse, she is non-trusting to touches, even those of love, and she almost took my hand off more than once. The point is, she is somewhat a mirror of the betrayals and abuses I suffered from the past, and through her I learned to be gentle and accepting of myself. In treating her, I learned to treat myself. I completely understand her and she opened up my heart again. She taught me to have compassion for myself and others, and to not judge others by what they do, because I have no idea what thing in the past may have shaped them the way that they are. I noticed that I can't be like her in not trusting at all, I have to give people a chance or I could miss out on some great loving people, and, simultaneously, I learned the self-respect to know, if necessary, what degrees of distance I should take for my own sake. Also, I made peace with the fact that nobody is perfect, neither am I, and society is a huge mix. In life, you win some and you lose some, and it's okay. 
      I'm glad you liked the messages. I will continue to share them.  
      Many Great Blessings,

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      I have on and off relationship with my self...
      What about You?
      Loved the quote,
      Thank You for sharing all the lovely messages,
      Blessings and Love,

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