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41248An update on how my life is going

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  • Phoenix
    Sep 1, 2008
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      Hello all,
      You have been praying for my son Matt, and my son in Romania, John. I wanted to update you on how they are doing. Matt is totally blind, but he has chosen life. He is still in intensive rehab, and they are rightfully providing him with the best medical and emotional care and support available on the planet. He is learning to live again and plans to return to college to be come a psychiatrist and work with others who have suffered his losses. He is an amazing human being, and a real hero, not because he was injured, but because of how he has responded to it. He will eventually have a prosthetic arm which he may be able to operate to pick up things and move the fingers. They tell him he is first in line for the developing prosthetic eyes, and he is confident he will be seeing again in 10 to 15 years. I know in my deepest heart that the prayers and Reiki he has received have held him up and helped him to choose life. I am so deeply grateful. Jenny,for  the angel chimes you sent him. They hang in my home and are rung daily and I pray with the music. Matt knows about them, and you, and when he returns to his home for good, I will send them to him. The sadness I feel for his pain, his losses, has not yet healed, and as his mother, I may feel this for the duration of my life. I am a different person now too.

      John has been struggling along this year, and having a very difficult time, but I have stayed in close contact with him and kept him going. I will be returning to Romania within the month to take a position as an English teacher in Bucuresti, the capitol of RO, and he will be coming to live with me. I will help him find work and take care of him and maybe even get him into school. I plan to continue to work on getting him home with me. I think being there will make it possible to get him here, as I will come to know people in the American community there, including those who work at the American Embassy.

      Profound thanks to all who have walked this journey with me and offered their love, support and prayers.
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