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40694Re: [Visionary_Shamanism] Weighing the Profits of the 911 Banking 'Deconst

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  • winterblues11901
    Jun 9, 2008
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      Great idea! Now if the world could just force the muslim countries of
      origin to donate $1,000,000.00 dollars (U.S. or euros) & five trees
      to the families of each & every person killed during the attacks, not
      including the hijackers families of course, then that would be a real
      achievement. Additionally a sum of $5,000,000.00 for each fatherless,
      motherless child left behind wold seem to be appropriate also, not
      that it wold take away the pain of the loss but what the heck, those
      petro dollars going to the oil producing countries aren't being
      utilized for the benefit of the peoples of those countries, just
      their intelligentsia also...LOL
      --- In lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com, "Millennium Twain"
      <yonibluestar@...> wrote:
      > Usuanny,
      > I am distributing hundreds of young fruit
      > trees in our hometown of 'Goddess Moon' ...
      > mulberries, sapotes, loquats, pomegranates,
      > jelly palms, guavas, figs ... and learning
      > to propagate more, like Carobs, Macademias,
      > and others.
      > also Wolf (Goji) Berries, Chokos (Chayotes)
      > and more.
      > could be expanding into the thousands next
      > year; and another group is also distributing
      > trees, and another group is hosting 'Garden
      > Raising' parties, where they come to your
      > home and put in veggie gardens and fruit
      > trees (provided by yours truly ...)
      > Millennium
      > --- usuany007@ wrote:
      > welpl like ron paul says we need to get rid of the federal
      > reserve corporation. ......we need also to eliminate
      > federal taxes as well.....all that is money for their nwo
      > empire to create more illusions and delusions for the
      > masses to consume and be controlled by......
      > --- Original message from Mah Twain --
      > http://www.ojaipost.com/2008/06/post_9.shtml
      > the orchestrators who took the fifty trillion
      > dollars in profits from the 911 Action were JP
      > Morgan Chase (Intl Chairman David Rockefeller) ,
      > 60 percent of the action, and the BIS (Bank of
      > International Settlements) , Federal Reserve,
      > Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup.
      > I don't know the numbers on the take of the
      > Bank of England, and Nathaniel Rothschild and
      > family ... and despite the fact that David
      > Rockefeller chairs JP Morgan Chase 'International'
      > ... it was NOT the 'Americans' who took the lion's
      > share of the profits ... but rather the Bilderbergers,
      > Monarchists, and the global aristocracy who JP Morgan
      > Chase, and the other banks were the brokers for, who
      > acquired the $50 Trillion in new assets ... ownership
      > of the entire world of economic serfdom.
      > The truth is now known a thousand-times over to the
      > millions of brokers, bankers, investors, politicians,
      > journalists, activists ... anyone with above average
      > intelligence and involvement ...
      > and the truth being known, there is only ONE consequence
      > ...
      > ..
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