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40619Celestial Vision Thought for the Day

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  • Deborah
    May 24 7:26 AM
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      Celestial Vision Thought for the Day

      The Lightworker's Manifesto, Part 3

      Choosing to Live an Unlimited Life

      If you choose to live a limitless, greatly expanded reality, you are
      only a few steps away from experiencing this reality. First, intend
      that this is your reality regardless of what was created in your past.
      Then begin to examine and observe everything you say and do for a
      period of time. This will help you discover what your beliefs are.
      Though you may think you know what your beliefs are, there may be old
      beliefs and pre-programmed scripts operating like wallpaper in the
      background of your life. By becoming a detective of your life, you
      are able to bring awareness to the tools with which you create your

      Once you have this awareness, then you can determine what beliefs you
      choose to release and what beliefs you choose to hold around your
      reality. When you reach this stage, it is helpful to hold in mind the
      reality you seek to create and who you wish to become. With this in
      mind, it is easier to see what beliefs you would need to hold to
      create that reality. http://www.celestialvision.org
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