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  • Deborah
    May 19, 2008
      Celestial Vision Thought for the Day

      The Lightworker's Manifesto, Part 9

      Allow Your Spiritual Purpose to Be Your Guiding Star

      When it is time to make decisions, each person looks at certain touchstones.  These touchstones might go like this: in what way will the choices at hand help me to become wealthier, healthier and more loved?  Will the choices make me happier?  Will they make the people around me happy? 

      How often does your decision-making process take into account your spiritual purpose?  For many, only the seemingly more pressing issues of physical existence enter into decision-making.  As long as fulfilling your spiritual purpose is not the primary criteria in making decisions for your life, you will perpetually find yourself in a survival mode that derives from underlying issues of scarcity and lack.  We will explain why this is and how you can transform the energy in your life from scarcity and need to the abundance of spirit that is able to harness the resources and wealth of the universe to carry out your purpose here. http://www.celestialvision.org
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