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40580[MOON ANGEL] EMNYMAR, 10th Day of Lunar Cycle, Pregnancy and Childbirth

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    May 14, 2008

      The Moon Angels of Pregnancy & Childbirth
       Angels of  ‘E-M-N-Y-M-A-R’
      10th Day of Lunar Cycle


      We control flowing feelings during the period of pregnancy and
      the time of birth of the children of God. We work in conjunction
      with relevant angels of the Earth sphere during this time.

      All gynecologists, midwives and their assistants
      are under our protection and influence.

      By creating powerful flowing feelings of happiness and security,
      a painless and ecstatic birth for Mother and Child is possible.
      We also inspire, through specific flowing feelings, when to
      have intercourse in order to produce a child of a certain sex.

      Anyone can call on us for success in healing any disease.
      Diseases are cured through transforming negative feeling states 
      into flowing feelings of supreme happiness, contentment, and security;
      and through attuning to natural rhythms and cycles in the sea of Life.

      By flowing with beautiful flowing emotions and natural rhythms, 
      the immune and glandular systems are stimulated, working miracles.
      Mystics teach that venereal disease can be cured in this manner.

      Meditate on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name,
      and call on our help, to receive the following benefits:




      We teach the children of God how to control flowing feelings in
      self and others.


      We inspire each child of God to attain complete
      mastery of flowing feelings


      and the drive for self-preservation and freedom from
      negative feelings of others, through supreme happiness.


      We give prophetic knowing of the fate of any being through
      strong flowing feelings of the natural rhythms and cycles of LIFE.


      The mastery of flowing feelings and

      A and umlaut A (ae)

      the gifts of the spirit, such as the art of clairvoyance,
      clairaudience, levitation, etc., that come

      from wisdom and enlightenment,
      and the ability to release and transform imperfection on every level


      combines with ingenuity that is brought about by
      flowing feelings of inner guidance from the will of Divine Providence.’

      On the tenth day of every 28-day Moon Cycle, we radiate into the
      feeling state of all beings the innate knowledge of the importance
      of flowing love, peace, safety, bliss, and happiness on
      pregnant mothers and their developing offspring.


      The peace and happiness of Mother and Child secures a strong
      connection with Divine Consciousness and Divine Flowing Feelings 
      and the Divine Virtues that remain throughout the entire life of both.
      Sigil of

      *** ECSTASY ***

      Revised Document:  30 October 2006

      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

      *Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks are quoted
      or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical
      Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN
      3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.
      These books have detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all
      four levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the zodiac.
      For serious study of the ancient language and easy reference, you
      can purchase these books online at:


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      Together we are One,
      Sharing love and light in ever-expanding
      Harmonic Waves of Pure Being.
      Love Brightens the Day, Love Lights the Way

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