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40569Fwd: Grandmother's must Lead into cycle of balance

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  • Millennium Twain
    May 11, 2008
      -- In GR_I_D@yahoogroups.com, "starrjo99" <> wrote:

      The Native American Council of Grandmother's say that women must lead
      humanity into the Cycle of Balance.

      Tahirih (who first started the new cycle in the 1800's - a process of
      over 160 years which is almost fully birthing)was the Female Messiah
      who said we must all be our own Messiah's in the new cycle. She was
      known as "Mother of the World" because of birthin the new world we
      are now building. I hope you will enjoy the film about Her as it can
      be a healing balm for East and West as we move past duality into

      Hello All! The whole of the film "Tahirih Divine Voice" can now be
      viewed at the following site (it is in three consecutive parts).
      It's 24 minutes and I would appreciate your feedback/comments.


      Also, it is up at Youtube under "Tahirih Divine Voice" :

      part one from Tahirihstarr

      Part 2 TahirihStarr

      Part three – Tahirihstarr

      *I'd appreciate your signing in at youtube if you have an account or
      wish to open one so as to rate the film and if you'd like leave a

      Loving regards – Starr*