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  • Deborah
    May 11, 2008
      Celestial Vision Thought for the Day

      Entering the Portal of Peak States of Consciousness, Part 1

      Signposts of Peak Experiences

      In the present moment, less than ten percent of those in your world
      have entered "peak" experiences even for brief periods. When you stay
      in a peak experience for a prolonged period of time, this is a "peak
      state." A continuous peak state experience is a blissful and blessed
      state. In Earth's future history, continuous peak states will be

      We will describe here some of the signposts of a peak state experience.

      During a peak experience, moments are experienced with a heightened
      sense of awareness and "aliveness." This sense of aliveness brings
      you into close communion with the life that is around you. You feel
      yourself surrounded by exceptional beauty. You experience a great
      emotional calm – a peace and lightness. Time slows down and falls
      away, allowing you to come into a very present state. In this space,
      spiritual truths are obvious. Your mind is still and silent. You
      don't take on others' emotional distress. The past can be brought up
      without emotions; there is no lingering sense of trauma. You're not
      likely to abdicate your own knowing to experts and other authorities.
      Fear doesn't exist within a peak state. Your perceptions are positive
      and peaceful, lit by the warm glow of underlying happiness. For
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