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  • pattigarrett
    May 10, 2008
      Hello everyone:

      With the different word processing program or e-mail program, I am unable to send graphics and embedded music, so I do hope you will all accept this remembrance of Mother's Day from me.  I do not have all of the addresses of groups and friends I used to share with because they are no longer in my address book, so this has reminded me that this is something I need to concentrate on.

      Anyway, I did want to get this out to those people whose address I do have with a couple I hope I remember correctly.  This is just to wish a special day to all the mothers here who have been kind to me and who I have grown to love over the years.  I do hope you all know that these attachments -- which I frown on sending because I know how people feel about them -- are virus and spy-ware free, so they are safe to open..  If you do not wish to open them, that is fine.  Just know that I send special love and wishes to each mother, grandmother, great-grandmother or even great-great grandmother, if there are any of those here.

      I love this song because it tells of what a person has become because they were loved; or as Celine says, 'Because you loved me.'  However, I wish to say that I have become the person I am partly because I loved all of you because it is in loving others that one learns how to truly love.

      So take time to enjoy your special day, each mother here, and know that, as always, I keep you in my heart and my thoughts and pray for your best and highest good.

      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,