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40553SHE: 8/8/08 and Year 2008 Mayan Calendar reading ...

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  • Millennium Twain
    May 8, 2008
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      from the letter I just sent to Rosa Maria Cabrera,


      kia ora, GrandMother Rosa Maria,
      Coyote Woman, Job Noj Chomiha,

      Wondrous Year 2008 of HER Returning!

      I want to introduce you to a Korean Priestess,
      Scholar and Mystic, Mina Rose (Chomina!).

      And I want to ask you for a great gift, for
      all our world family -- whom SHE is bringing
      together this Year 2008. SHE whom WE are bringing

      Will you prepare for us a Mayan Calendar reading for
      8/8/08 and for Year 2008 ... and if 8/8/08 is not the
      'central' day of awakening this year, please send us
      the date and reading for the 'central' date this
      year of our connecting, understanding, deciding,

      I will distribute your reading for 2008 worldwide to
      100 to 200 groups or more.

      And post it on the OjaiPost, and many other websites
      and blogs. [Perhaps Pati can post it to Tierra Sagrada,
      SacredEarthFound.org ... and we can refer the ENTIRE
      WORLD to see it!]

      This is the Year of Global Enlightenment ... when
      Global Humanity, the Maitreyah, Maadi, Adi Shakti,
      Maschiak, Messiah, Grid, Field, Consciousness takes
      charge of HER life, us, and makes the decision to
      heal HER and Our Mother ... Mother Earth!

      To make humanity's first global decision, carry out
      HER (Unamity, Global Womanity's) will.


      Arohanui, enfolding love,

      Millennium Twain

      [Coyote Woman posted today to the OjaiPost,
      about the new 600-page Chumash Dictionary
      which was released two weeks ago!]