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40517[ANGEL] 13 Taurus, The Angels of Natural Forces

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    May 1, 2008



      13 degrees Taurus

      The Angels of Natural Forces

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Paguldez’


      We ‘are initators into all aspects of the magic of nature.’

      The words “ as above, so below” describe how divine natural laws can be seen and understood by studying nature.  The perfection of a flower, the beauty of the cycles of nature, or the wonder of the laws of attraction and repulsion, all bear witness to the splendor and majesty of The Creator.

      There is a deep longing inside of everything in creation to experience unity with Divine Light. This longing awakens desires for self preservation and the need for beauty. The laws of the “above” manifest so perfectly in the “below” that nature provides a reliable testament to the original purity of all ideas which form the basis of enlightenment.

      Nature opens a cornucopia of divine blessings, and provides a suitable setting for deep trance states in which fate can be changed in self and others so that the splendor and majesty of Divine Being brings forth true spiritual morality and vitality. The urge to create new realities of divine love then blesses the entire unified field of Divine Being, and awakens high cognition that can span eons.

      In this way we inspire people to use natural means and the powers of being, will, intellect, feelings, and sensations to access powers of nature and bring about causes that control natural phenomena.

      For example, in ages past, mankind was inspired to build powerful sonic resonators, large stone pyramids, on specific points to affect the Tectonic Plates. These points are similar to acupuncture points on the human body. When people entered these pyramids and intoned audibly the letters of the cosmic language using Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brainwave states together [ purebeing, will, thought, feelings, and sensations] the plates stabilized and harmful earthquakes and volcanos did not cause so much damage and suffering.  These pryramids still exist today, and can be used for this very purpose again.

      Because the sign of Taurus concerns practical manifestations of Love in practical reality, the ability to activate natural forces to bring about beneficial changes is important.

      People have within a spark of Omnipotent Divine Will for the highest good of all, and the indwelling desire of all people in creation is to manifest perfection and beauty in their sojourn here on Earth.

      By doing this, individual will expresses indwelling Divine Will.

       In every instance where a state of being, desire, thought, feeling, or sensation is outpicturing omnipresent indwelling perfection, the whole creation is blessed, and the vibration of everything is lifted toward higher light.  Through the law of reciprocal action, or sowing and reaping, a person creating such effects is blessed many many times over, because every act goes out, attracts much more of its own kind, and comes back much greater than before.  This is similar to an acorn becoming a mighty oak.

      Therefore, even the DESIRE to understand and use the natural laws for the purpose of perfection has a great consequence, it has a great uplifting that goes on and on in ever widening circles of effect, and comes back laden with enlightenment for the sender.

      In time, this desire for perfection bears such fruit that great phenomena can be created in nature, so that seeming miracles manifest to out picture the splendor and majesty of all the divine virtues taken together.

      The most practical expression of love is to manifest Heaven on Earth.  To this end, when you invoke our aid, we guide you in your meditations. We inspire awareness, understanding, and mastery of natural phenomena for purposes of out picturing  true divine blessing. Grace and Mercy and the Glory of Perfection will flow through high cognition in deep trance states.


      Sigil of
      'P-A-G-U-L-D- E-Z'

      'P-A-G-U-L-D- E-Z'


      P…The desire in all life for spiritual perfection



      A and umlaut A, ae…combined with the powers of the enlightened mind and transformation of imperfection



      G… creates change using the powers of nature for purposes of Grace and Mercy.



      U…We inspire the recognition of the results of any act of creation



      L…so that only the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness



      D…is lovingly created on the physical plane.



      E…The perfect union with the omnipresence of Divine Consciousness, and thereby the ability to influence all life,



      Z…is united with attunement with the highest cognition, intuition and guidance from Divine Providence.


      The melody of our name is B, G, C, F, B, F, C, D, and G.







      The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

      Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.

      * Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

      Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION, ISBN 3-921338-02- 6, and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12- 4]. Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.


      The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01- 8, is a preparatory book for the others. Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon. This book is most important for understanding present day political issues.



      The newer versions of these books may not have the appendixes which contain very helpful information. Its best to find used older copies that do have these appendixes if you can. If you have these, read Frabato the Magician first, with appendixes, and then read appendixes from the other three for background.

      If you have questions about how to meditate on the divine virtues or what the angel messages are about, go to the archives at the lovingpurelove egroup in Yahoo. * Previous messages contain instructions on the method of meditation for the divine virtues.
       The lovingpurelove egroup site is a loving cyber family learning together.  
      The angel messages are indexed there. Email Polly at
      pmenendez@sbcglobal .net

      Or go to the lovingpurelove website
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/lovingpure love

      We have a yahoo group for people who want to receive only the angel messages and have access to all previous messages on the web.
      Go to
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/SpiritusAn gelMessages

       Email for 12 one page indexes, one for each sign of the zodiac, containing a list of 30 messages with descriptions, with DIRECT links to all the UPDATED angel messages on the web. For these links to work, you must be a member of lovingpurelove egroup or spiritusangelmessag es.


      If you don't have an instrument for playing the sounds (pitches) associated with each letter, here is a program which will play the notes at the correct pitch like a tuning fork:
      http://angelmessage s.paradisenow. net/bardon_ s_books.html# Sounds

      ************ ******

      For a copy of the TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, which stimulates whole brain functioning, go to
      http://angelmessage s.paradisenow. net/tibetan_ exercise_ of_paradox. html

      And for information on emotional processing (Emotional Healing Exercises), go to
      http://angelmessage s.paradisenow. net/tibetan_ healing_of_ emotion.html

      Books on emotional healing by Dennis Linn, Sheila Linn and Matt Linn are recommended. Also recommended: THE NEW PRIMAL SCREAM, by Dr. Arthur Janov, and any books by William R. Emerson Ph.D.

      Note:  The entire process of recapitulating and healing wounded emotions is elaborated in detail in a new book in process, “Healing the Past for Good” being written from the teaching materials of the late Dr. Michael Schlosser, Ph.D., to be published in the future.  Much of this material is also included in Divine Sky, The Angel Messages, which can be ordered for $28.00 [includes shippiing] from


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      copyright: Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser
      Stationery by Polly Menendez

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      Divine Sky

      The Angel Messages





      We are extremely pleased to announce that Divine Sky has now gone to press and is now shipping .


      This is a large volume; it contains Angel messages of the Moon and

      of 360 degrees of the Zodiac, plus 28 early messages,

      as well as an extensive appendix.

      The book itself is over 600 pages, 8.5 by 11 inches, and includes several color plates of ethereal paintings.  Binding is over-stitched deluxe hard cover, beautiful, and suitable for gifting or display.


      The policy of this publisher is to produce inspired works without financial profit, therefore these books are offered at below actual production costs.  If the price itself is a barrier to ordering, please let us know and we will make appropriate accommodations.


      Price requested is $28.00 per book, which includes shipping within the US*.  Make check or money order payable to DAYSTAR MEDIA.

      Mail order to:



      PO Box 1410

      Silverton, OR 97381


      Be sure to include your mailing address.

      We are happy to gift ship to another address if you include that information.


      *Email us for overseas shipping rates or with other questions at:  day.star08@...


      Thank You

      for being a part of this splendid work.

      The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


      We are all one.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are healed.

      Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

      and I am one with all;

      I ask that ONLY THAT WHICH IS THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED happen here and now, and through all time and space.
      I give thanks that this is done.
      SO BE IT!

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