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  • prem lulla
    Mar 6, 2008
      Thanks Peter for your comments about mantras.
      This is a request for all members to participate and share with the group

      peter daley <phdaley@...> wrote:
      Dear Nachi,
                       A mantra is a sort of word engine.It produces a power which can be felt if used long enough in repetition.It has to be in Sanskrit, I don't know why. Those who know one have usually been given it if promised not to pass it on, but there are four in a book by George King who was a Master of all  Yoga. He sometimes used  a mantra when preparing to go into a samahdic trance. A mantra can be created for an individual with regards to his/her particular spiritual needs. Different mantras are effective in stimulating a specific vehicle in the human complex, for which there is also a  method of "thinking" a mantra, but it is not easy. A good mantra is very short, and rarely more than five or six words.
       Everybody with an interest knows the common one, I think you will know which one I mean, but I suggest you do not indulge in the A-U-M without some reliable advice as it a has particular powerful and sacred connotations relevant the Creation Process, and should not even be voiced except it the ritualistic mannerof Yoga.
      I don't know the Buddhist mantra. I do not regard Osho's words as being worth anything if that was his opinion of Mantra Yoga.
                                                                                                                                                   Peter Daley
      P.S.Do know that Buddha represented part of  a Master on Venus.
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      From: Nachi
      Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 2:02 AM
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Buddhist Medicine Mantra / The Power of Mantra??

      Dear All,
      As I was looking up for a short and simple mantra for my father I came accross the Buddhist Mantra of Medicine. Somehow Lord Buddha has featured many times before me through words of people..and there is a strange mystic  connection past to it as well..long time ago A very spiritual beingness person named Jag from Australia..who happened to be my co-member at several groups and a good efriend as well..had this vision in his dream..where God or Angels gave him this message for me.. That I should look up for Nalanda Buddhist Temple..and also focus on a certain image/picture of a pendulum or something  that Jag forwarded to me thorugh an email.. The strange thing was that..although Jag and I were decent friends..we did not communicate much and I had certainly not asked him for anything..and one fine day I receive this message from him..saying that God or Angels had this vision, dream in which they delivered this message to me.. Not much materialized after that..and Although I looked up for the Nalanda Buddhist temple..information on google..I was certainly not in a position to go and visit the place..as though its in India..its far wide at north..and since I am not much of a relgious person either..and as much Love I have for Lord Buddha..I am not one to hold rituals..so not much came out of it..but now I have been seeing Lord Buddha in the replies or messages and I dont know..again. .I am stumped..
      So coming to the point..I heard of this Buddhist Medicine Mantra..and its supposed to be very powerful and simple and does healing on all levels.. Since I dont know much of religion or rituals either..and I know there are couple of practicising Buddhist members in here..like Winter..I thought perhaps they could shed some light on it..
      What do you think of Mantras? I have read so much of so many things..that I have lost my own view of anything..and mostly I feel there is truth in most of the things..so its hard to pick up a side for me.. Osho has said that Mantra is nothing..and if were to say even "booga, booga or Chocolate, Chocolate" holding the same belief..it would have the same healing effect. So What holds true in the mantra? is it the belief? or do the words in themselves hold some secret or essence that invokes the God or opens the Chakra?
      I would be looking forward to have your views..I know there is lot of wisdom in all of you...and I love it when it comes accross through discussions and questions..as it brings across the personal truth and wisdom earned, gained, owned by individuals.
      So..would love to hear from you.
      Wishing You All A Beautiful Day Ahead,
      Much Love,

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