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40184[ANGEL] 15 Pisces, The Angels of Gesture

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Mar 5, 2008


      15 degrees Pisces

      The Angels of Gesture

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Gomognu’





      The human body is a sacred temple that mirrors The Holiest Mysteries of Divine Consciousness.


      When a Child of Light attunes to the divine virtues of  Grace and Mercy, Cognition brought about by Love Divine, Flowing  Divine  Feelings, Justice and Harmony, Grace and Mercy, Supreme Happiness with mastery   of each Creative Act and its ongoing effects,  then spontaneous gestures of the human body activate powerful frequencies that  transform consciousness.


       To the extent that these virtues are mastered, gestures of The Human Body Temple restore manifestation to Paradise.


      Physical movements have energetic connections to the furthest reaches of the stars. Tiny filaments of light burst forth from each finger, light shoots out from the gaze of the eyes.  There are 72 thousand chackras in all that shine lights of Divine Consciousness into creation.


       Feelings and subtlety are expressed  through the tiniest movements. The slightest tilt of the head, or glance of the eye, the rhythm of gait, or the movement of an arm speaks volumes.


      Taken together, the flow of movement and gesture are a complete language unto themselves, one that is understood by man, animal, and spirit alike. 


      Not only does communication flow to other beings, people and  stars from the movements of a person’s body, but by moving, the body is actually healing and balancing itself, keeping energy meridians alive and flowing. 


       Desires, thoughts and feelings flow through the hands and arms, indeed, the whole body, creating each gesture.


      All types of hand movements, mudras, asanas, and sacred bodily movements that communicate with others come under our inspiration.


      ‘We help the deaf communicate with sign language, and the blind read braille. Technical inventions for helping the blind and deaf to communicate also fall under our jurisdiction.’


      The divine virtues represented by the letters of our name give expressive movements of the body that create the highest Paradise.


      Here is one of our stories:




      Once upon a time, a man named Aaron sat at the computer, eyes on the screen, fingers poised over the keyboard.   


       He had been sitting there for hours. 


      All of a sudden an angel of ‘Gomognu’ came into the room as he was reading the messages on the screen.   


       The angel brought  divine virtues of  Grace and Mercy, Cognition brought about by Love Divine, Justice and Harmony, Flowing Feelings,  Grace and Mercy, Supreme Happiness, and understanding of the Creative Act and its ongoing effects.


      Unusual feelings  

       of anticipation,  



       and nostalagia began to flow within him.


      Looking over to the left, he noticed that the computer tower had a faint glow that he had never seen before.  


       What could this be?


      Feelings of anticipation began to change into more sublime feelings.  


       He relaxed into a deep childlike peacefulness. 


         A relaxing sigh escaped through his lips as tight muscles in his shoulders relaxed.


       He pushed his chair back and stretched out his legs, wiggling his toes.

      His his head tipped slightly back as energy coursed up his spine.  


       All of a sudden his attention focused in the region behind his forehead.  He saw a shimmering light beginning to form on the screen of his inner vision.


      The angel watched Aaron breathe.  


       With satisfaction he saw that a wonderful change had come over Aaron. The backward tip of the head showed that a deeper brainwave state had taken complete hold.


      Aaron was remembering a day in a sunny meadow, many long years ago, when he was with friends and everyone was celebrating a dream of peace on Earth, of love and freedom for all sentient beings.   


       The sun was shining especially bright that day, and many people were meditating, dancing and listening to beautiful music.


      Lost in the dream, Aaron’s back suddenly became very straight.  


        He brought his feet into a crosslegged position like an ancient Yogi.  

       His breathing became very deep and slow, with long pauses between breaths.


       He remembered how deeply he and everyone there had longed for the time when Earth could be enlightened and happy,  when Earth could be returned to a pristine state of Paradise.


      A smile played upon his face.


       His eyebrows raised.


       The fingers on both hands formed an ancient mudra, with the thumbs touching the forefingers.  


       Previously forgotten lifetimes of spiritual journeying were being recalled.  

        His body slightly swayed with the flow of kundalini to the music that he was hearing from the heavenly realms.


       Meanwhile, his friend Frank had quietly opened the door.  


        He was looking at Aaron in total and complete amazement.


      Just then, Aaron felt Frank's presence. 


        He slowly looked around at Frank and made a move to say something, but before he could utter a sound Frank said," No, don’t say anythingYou look so radiant, peaceful and happy.  I can see that you are in a sacred place. "


      A powerful beam of divine blessing had entered into him from Aaron's glance.  Smiling and in awe, Frank felt blessed by a higher power and reverently turned to walk away.


      Aaron realized that his gestures had said it all. 


        Nothing had to be spoken out loud because everything he was doing and feeling was being communicated through his gestures and his body.


      He looked up and gave thanks, glad to be left alone again,  

       and closed his eyes in deep bliss and happiness.


       He sank even deeper into his meditation.


      He saw lifetimes passing before him in a stream of vivid images and feelings.  


       With deep satisfaction he realized that life never ends, 

        that new beginnings and new opportunities always exist on the path to spiritual perfection.


       He smiled. 


        “How wonderful life is”, he thought. 


      Such deep happiness flowed in his heart.  


       His attention turned back to his present life situation. 

        All of a sudden he saw clearly solutions to situations that had previously bothered him.


      With great excitement he visualized a new future for himself and his family, seeing how beautifully it would unfold in the days to come.


      Later that evening when he went home,  

       his family saw by the lift in his gait that he was a changed man.  


       His step had a bounce to it that had not been there before.  

       His shoulders were no longer bent over with the weight of the world upon them. 



      As they watched him, a deep peace came over them too, and that night they all dreamed beautiful hopeful dreams.



      In this time of the Alpha and the Omega, powerful feelings of grace and mercy, cognition brought about by Love Divine, justice and harmony, supreme happiness, and the understanding of each creative act and its on going effects are flooding earth.  


       These powerful energies are flushing out and healing the wounds in the hearts of all.


      Healed divine emotions course through the physical bodies of the Children of Light, and they are clearly communicated through nonverbal gestures and body language.  


      As people become more sensitive to reading every tiny nuance of behavior, the divine virtues of ‘Gomognu’,  increasingly assume  very important roles in the unfoldment of Paradise on Earth.


       Movements are constant sources of beautiful communications of bliss and rapture of Divine Awareness.


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