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40090[ANGEL] 3 Pisces, The Angels of Plentiful Food

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Feb 22, 2008




      3 degrees Pisces

      The Angels of Plentiful Food

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Kohen’




      The divine will is for Earth to be a Paradise of beauty and plenty, joy, and feelings of flowing divine love. It is a gracious, nurturing, and safe home for all beings and all creatures.


      All beings are expressions of Infinite Divine Flowing Love and spiritual perfection. All creatures together form the web of life to express the truth of Heaven on Earth.



      As people follow the promptings of their hearts’ wisdom, we empower them to find ways of creating happiness and plenty for all beings.
       We make it possible to live a life of plenty.
      Divine Providence intended that people and all the creatures of Earth have plenty of food to eat; pure, delicious food that grows abundantly and easily, without toil and labor.
      We inspire whatever solutions are necessary, including technical inventions, for abundant food supply for all on Earth.

      We do this by:
      K…Using Omnipotent Will Power for the highest good of all concerned, faith,
      Umlaut O, eu…transmutation into perfection through cognition brought about by Love Divine
      O…Divine Justice and harmony, success and satisfaction for all
      H… and The Power of the Word.
      E …Through divine omnipresent being and consciousness within all beings
      N… Supreme Happiness flows and reveal solutions to all problems.


      The melodies of our name are the musical notes of
      B, D sharp, C,A,D, and A.
      Using melodies that are charged in meditation with divine virtues in being, will, thoughts, feelings and sensations is one of the most relaxing ways to increase the yield and nutrition of food bearing plants.
      As people use omnipotent divine faith and flowing divine love with the power of the cosmic language to bring transmutation, justice and supreme happiness to all beings, the world comes alive with singing and music, for the Cosmic Language is the language of toning and Song.
      The frequencies and waveforms of beautiful soundscapes increase the health and vitality of all life, dramatically increasing yield, taste, and nutrition of edible vegetation.
      Remember, the heavenly hosts help the power and beauty of each voice to grow.


      The profound pleasure of listening brings everyone and everything into sympathetic resonance with great flowing bliss and happiness.
      The tones of the cosmic language are beautiful to hear as they drift through mountains and valleys, forests and meadows, powerfully creating and attracting divine virtues through being, will, intellect, feelings, and sensations.
      The singing of people is joined by the singing of angels, nature spirits, birds, murmuring waters, breezes, bees, and the laughter of children and animals.
      As people create songs according to the wisdom of the heart, they may be guided to add musical instruments to accompany their singing. Different angels inspire exquisite instrumentation of all kinds.
      The addition of wind harps and wind chimes to food producing areas also increases life force.
      In the original and final blueprint for Earth, a beautiful soundscape encodes all matter with flowing feelings of bliss and rapture.
      The power of singing the cosmic language is far greater than words can describe, although it is written of in the ancient teachings.
      Beautiful sounds, charged with divine vibrations,  are a key to miracles.
      The sound chamber of the cranial sphere of the human body temple becomes the holy grail as it vibrates with whole brain awareness attuned to sound waves of Divine Virtues.
      The production of psychoactive neuropeptides from the pineal and other glands is activated. The resulting states of awareness can only be described as Ecstasy, Bliss, and flowing Supreme Happiness.
      This attracts such spiritual perfection into physical manifestation that words cannot describe it!
      Many Masters, such as the Sufi mystic and musician, Hazrat Inayat Kahn, have taught that divine sounds are the most powerful force for change on Earth. 
      The Earth is a planet of music, of singing, of ease, of plenty, and beauty. The Earth is Paradise, the beloved Creation of Divine Being, of All Embracing Love, Wisdom, and Omnipotent Will for the highest good.
      The Earth is Heaven manifest.


      Note: Here is a brief list of the letters with their virtues, colors, elements, parts of the body and musical notes, with suggestions for singing.
      List of Letters
      A…[soft A as in apostle]…All wisdom and enlightenment, light blue with a sense of ease, the musical note G, use to heal the lungs
      Umlaut A, ae…Origin and mystery of life and death and transformation, loamy brown with a sensation of weight, musical note C, use to heal the lower colon
      B…Universal life and polarity in all it’s forms, light violet with a sense of weight, musical note A, use to heal the right eye
      C…The Eucharist in all it’s forms, the virtue of self-spiritualization, vermilion with warmth and a sense of ease, musical note D, use to heal the stomach
      D…Mysteries of the art of creation, dark blue with a sensation of warmth, musical note C, use to heal the right ear
      E…the omnipresence of Universal Consciousness, dark violet with a sensation of consciousness penetrating all, musical note D, use to heal the spine
      F…Legality, which IS harmony of all visible worlds, light green with a sensation of weight, musical note F sharp, use to heal the left hand
      G…Flowing feelings of Divine Grace and Mercy in all their aspects, deep grass green with a sensation of coolness, musical note F, use to heal the left eye
      H…The power of the word, which is the cosmic language, silvery violet with a sensation of warmth, musical note A, use to heal the right arm
      Ch…The virtue of clarity and perfect purity of flowing divine feelings, light violet with a sensation of coolness, musical note D Sharp, use to heal the left leg
      I…The law of cause and effect,  memory, remembrance, conscience and mastery of breath, light opal with a sensation of weight, musical note G, use to heal the left kidney
      J…The highest all-embracing cosmic love, dark opal with a sensation of coolness, musical note G Sharp, use to heal the diaphragm-midriff
      K…The Virtue of omnipotence as a quality, infinite faith, enthusiasm and conviction, silvery blue with a sensation of warmth, musical note B, use to heal the left ear
      L...The Virtues of Majesty, of all the divine virtues taken together revealing true spiritual morality and vitality, dark green shining olive color with a sensation of ease, musical note F, use to heal the spleen
      M…Original Water principle of flowing emotions which create magnetism to attract new realities into form, blue-green with a sense of coolness, musical note D, use to heal the abdominal area
      N…The highest state of flowing divine happiness, dark red with a sense of coolness, musical note A, use to heal the liver
      Umlaut O, eu …The most Profound Divine Cognition brought about by love divine that brings about transmutation, dark orange light with a sensation of weight penetrating everything, musical note D sharp, use to heal the testicles and ovaries. If healing the ovaries, heal the left ovary first then the right.
      O…The Virtue of Justice as an original principal, justice is harmony and harmony is justice, ultramarine blue with a sensation of weight, musical note C, use to heal the throat and windpipe area
      P…The longing for spiritual progress and perfection, dark gray with a sense of weight, musical note B, use to heal the right nostril
      Q…in quaballah Q is the same as K---refer to K
      R… Independence and Freedom, following inner guidance, golden light with a sensation of weight, musical note C, use to heal the left nostril
      S…All penetrating power which is original fire [will] that penetrates all creation, purple with a reddish tint with a sensation of warmth and expansion, musical note G sharp, use to heal the gall bladder
      Sch… combines both omnipotence and all-penetrating power and is the original light, blazing red with a sensation of warmth and expansion, musical note C, use to heal the brain
      T…High inspiration, brownish black light with a sense of warmth, musical note F, use to heal the right kidney
      U…The original source of everything, the act of creation with ongoing effects of same, deep trance, velvet black light with a sensation of penetrating everything, musical note B, use to heal the pancreas
      V… in quaballah is the same as F-refer to F
      W…Cosmic intuition and flowing feelings of unification, lilac with a sensation of coolness, musical note G, use to heal the gut
      X…in quaballah X is seen as a combination of E, K, and S
      Y, ue, umlaut U…The origin of the rhythm and cycles of life, pink light with a sensation of weight penetrating everything, musical note C sharp, use to heal the heart
      Z…Highest intellectual faculties, remembering everything ever learned in all incarnations, light yellow with a sensation of ease, musical note G, use to heal the heart
      *The four elements are fire, air, water, and earth. They are felt with a sense of warmth and expansion, ease, coolness, and weight.

        Suggestions for Singing
        The vocal chords improve with use. If you have not sung for a long time, be gentle, encourage yourself and be patient. Take baby steps, a little at a time.
      If you want to sing, but are afraid to or have feelings that you cannot or should not sing, these feelings probably go back to old childhood emotional wounding experiences concerning the use of your voice to sing. These feelings can be healed, by loving the feelings themselves, realizing that these painful feelings would have been felt by anybody of that age who was experiencing the wounding influences that occurred to you.  Have empathy and patience as you ‘listen to’ and flow with these feelings of your wounded inner child self. In this way heal this wounded self and restore your happy free magical child self that loves to sing.
      Let these feeling flow to healing and resolution, using eye movement if you wish.  If you remember the original wounding event that has ever since inhibited the use of your voice to spontaneously sing, then live and relive the memory, feeling all the feelings that come up and loving them and loving your self. Healing insights will arise to reveal deeper levels of the event that were forgotten or not noticed at the time. These insights will help you understand and forgive all involved.
       Live and relive the memory until it feels completely healed. The insights that arise during this process reveal the purposes and lessons that your higher self intended by allowing this to happen in the first place. A healing image will spontaneously arise in your consciousness.
      Merge this final healing image with the original painful picture of the memory.  These two images transform each other. Stay with this merged picture as it evolves.  The final result is the resolution image.
      A memory is made up of feelings, thoughts, and images.  By doing this process, the feelings change, the thoughts change and the images change.  They change from very negative to very positive.



        This is a way of harmlessness and blessing to all.
      The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

      Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.
      * Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

      Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION, ISBN 3-921338-02-6, and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4]. Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.


      The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others. Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon. This book is most important for understanding present day political issues.



       If you have these, read Frabato the Magician first, with appendixes, and then read appendixes from the other three for background.

      If you have questions about how to meditate on the divine virtues or what the angel messages are about, go to the archives at the lovingpurelove egroup in Yahoo. * Previous messages contain instructions on the method of meditation for the divine virtues.
       The lovingpurelove egroup site is a loving cyber family learning together.  
      The angel messages are indexed there. Email Polly at pmenendez@...
      Or go to the lovingpurelove website

      We have a yahoo group for people who want to receive only the angel messages and have access to all previous messages on the web.
      Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpiritusAngelMessages
       Email for 12 one page indexes, one for each sign of the zodiac, containing a list of 30 messages with descriptions, with DIRECT links to all the UPDATED angel messages on the web. For these links to work, you must be a member of lovingpurelove egroup or spiritusangelmessages.


      If you don't have an instrument for playing the sounds (pitches) associated with each letter, here is a program which will play the notes at the correct pitch like a tuning fork:



      For a copy of the TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, which stimulates whole brain functioning, go to

      And for information on emotional processing (Emotional Healing Exercises), go to
      Books on emotional healing by Dennis Linn, Sheila Linn and Matt Linn are recommended. Also recommended: THE NEW PRIMAL SCREAM, by Dr. Arthur Janov, and any books by William R. Emerson Ph.D.
      {Note:  The entire process of recapitulating and healing wounded emotions is elaborated in detail in a new book in process, “Healing the Past for Good” being written from the teaching materials of the late Dr. Michael Schlosser, Ph.D., to be published in the future.}

      copyright: Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser
      Stationery by Polly Menendez

      Feel free to share these messages.
      Note: The messages that were sent out originally are being rewritten daily with important information. It’s good to update the original messages in your archives.

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      The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


      We are all one.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are healed.

      Therefore, in the name of who I AM,

      and I am one with all;

      I ask that ONLY THAT WHICH IS THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED happen here and now, and through all time and space.
      I give thanks that this is done.
      SO BE IT!


      Bjorn Lynne
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