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  • Skye Coe
    Dec 7, 2007
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      Aloha Irena.  .When I quit smoking my body went throgh a detox process, so my intuition is urging you to ask TCM practitioner to help you create a diet that will help strengthen your body.  I found miso (red lentil variety) soup to be a good source of protein and to be very strengthening as well as tasty.  Rubbing ears, feet and hands often helped to as this stimulated all acupressure points helping me to feel better.  Know that you will get there and be happy for all that you are going through to get there!   Blessings!  In Light )'( Skye

      Ilanalotus <ilanalotus@...> wrote:

      Dear all,

      I have been trying to stop smoking many times over the 38 years I have smoked and I managed to stop a few times too.  Some times for days, some times for months.
      When I read about you wanting to stop, I applauded you but was shy to come on line as I have embarrassed myself many times in the past..for my inability to stop.  Like my son says, he only felt disappointment and futility in my attempts.
      Well, this time I have no choice.
      Due to a flu that went away and came back and then contracting other forms/viruses of the flu, I have come to realize what I suspected all along.  That I have great difficulty breathing.  That's why I seldom do deep breathing, as it causes too much stress and tires me out.  This has been happening for the past few years (not sure how many as I seldom took good care or paid attention to my body.  A big reason being I could not afford it.)
      Well, the blessing is, I now must stop.  I realize that my nightly sleep apnea has to do with bouts of no air, causing me to wake up sharply or snore so loudly, that I wake myself up.
      I find it difficult breathing and now I realize this.  Now, I have done something about it.
      I have stopped 2 weeks now.
      This time, as my life is truly at risk, I didn't feel the 'angst' that I felt before.  There really wasn't much of the " I can go back and smoke any time I want...I have a choice...wish I didn't have to do this", because this time, I have no choice.
      God allows us many choices, when we don't take care of our temples, we are given pushes, then push comes to shove.
      I have also constantly and continually asked Angels to help me, Archangel Raphael to fill my lungs with healing.
      I used to ask...but I don't think I was really sincere...nor did I think I was really worthy and kind of felt shy having to ask.
      But you know what?  I don't feel shy no more.  I KNOW  I Am Worthy and I Totally believe that Angels love nothing more than to help us , help ourselves.
      Listening to all the internet radio programmes helped too!!
      Worldpuja, Hay House Radio, Bonnie Collen, newsforthesoullllllllll, the Dr.Pat
      Show etc.
      There is just so much help out there.
      I can't stress enough how I truly feel that It is OK to ask for help...now..that I don't have to do it alone..that I am not giving away my power...but strengthening it.  This asking and receiving has strengthened my faith.
      Just like this painful situation (yes, it's painful psychologically and physically...and stressful) is the answer to my prayers.  For years, I have asked for help to stop smoking.
      I am so very grateful that I don't have an even more dibilitating disease!
      My chinese herablist doc is quite confident that she can help me and I am confident that one day, I will again Breathe in Sweet Air, all the way...without feeling shortness of breath, or heaviness in my chest and strong palpitations of my heart.
      I would also appreciate any good thoughts that you want to give to me, as I know that your love will speed up my recovery
      Goodbye Nicotine, thank you for being my friend and companion for so many years.  Thank you for being there, when no one else was. Thank you for never judging me, blaming me , placing guilt on me or shouting at me.   But it is time to part ways.  It is time for me to partner with Angels
      with Love,

      Simply by the act of starting to heal your life, you spark the healing of others and of the world in which we live. You don't need to force this idea on other people. The quiet act of living in accordance with who you are and who you can be allows the natural influence of goodness to grow.

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