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  • pattimaris1675@aol.com
    Nov 5, 2000
      Thanks Karen,
      I am back of news that my trip was filled with love and beauty. My daughter
      and her family had me over for my birthday dinner on Friday; ah, a nice warm
      fire in the fireplace sending out its warmth as I stood and warm my hands to
      remove the chill from my shoulders, one by one they each came to wish me a
      happy birthday and a warm loving hug; son-in-law whom is like a son, my
      daughter, granddaughter, and grandson, we laughed and shared old stories, new
      stories, as we all prepared dinner, cutting up salads, fresh veggies to steam
      - later to open presents of love, and beautifully worded cards. Tears ran
      down my face, being so touched by it all, late in the evening we sat around
      the warm fire gently sharing more stories until it was time to bid them all a
      Such a wonderful time I had.
      Thanks for the Happy birthday wish Karen, you are so kind and filled with
      love in your heart.
      I won't go on with anymore, as I am still a bit tired from my trip home.
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