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37753Re: When Others Do Not Pay Attention To Us We Feel Cut Off

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  • mnmnu111
    Aug 11, 2007
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      --- In lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com, "mnmnu111" <mnmnu111@...>
      > --- In lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com, "mnmnu111" <mnmnu111@> wrote:
      > >
      > > When others do not pay attention to us we feel cut off on
      > saparate.When
      > > man shows interest in a women's feelings and heartfelt concern
      for her
      > > well being,she feels loved and cared for .When makes her feel
      > in
      > > this caring way,he succeeds in fulfilling her first primary
      > > need.Naturally she begins to trust him more.When she trust ,she
      > becomes
      > > more open and receptive. [:-/] When a man responds to a women in
      a way
      > > that acknowledges and prioritizes her rights,wishes,and needs,she
      > feels
      > > respected.When his behavior takes into consideration her thoughts
      > > feelings,she is sure to feel respected.Concrete and physical
      > expression
      > > of respect,like flowers and rememering anniversaries,are
      essential to
      > > fulfill a women's third primary love need.When she feel respected
      > is
      > > much easier for her to give her man the appreciation thad he
      > > [=;] {Stop,I have my beloved and I don't have time for you.}When
      a man
      > > gives priority to a women's needs and proudly comits himself to
      > > supporting and fulfilling her,her fourth primary love need is
      > fulfiled.A
      > > women thrives when she feels adored and special.A man fulfills her
      > need
      > > to be loved in this way when he makes her feelings and needs more
      > > important than his other interests-like work,study,and
      > a
      > > women feels that she is number one in his life then,quite
      > > admires him.When a man repeatedely shows that he
      > > cares,understands,respect,and is devoted to his partner,her
      > need
      > > to be reasured is fulfilled.A reassuring attitude tella a women
      > she
      > > is continually loved. [:-/] [:-?] When others do not pay
      attention to
      > > us we feel cut off and sa [:-$] parate.This is truth. [:O]
      > >Exspecting perfection is not resonable.Stop expecting prfection of
      > me{NOBODY PERFECT}people make mistake.this is human.Sorry this is
      > excuse.
      Where are you today?I know you are ok because you are with your
      beloved on vacation.Greting from IA to FLOR....Enjou.
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