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  • Barbara Bailey
    Aug 5, 2007
      Those who revel in working the world
      of the internet and e-mail have believed they delet-
      ed certain things they sent out--but the words were
      deleted only on the surface. These things can be    
                                         retrieved and often are.                                    
      Indians have always known this to be
      true--that if you send out any kind of word, it is
      frozen there in the ethers, forever preserved. Silence
      is truly golden--though most of us discovered it
      after too many things had been spoken. But if our
      remorse is genuine and we ask to be forgiven, those
      words can become useless and irretrievable. It is
      important that we remove the power of past words
      and replace them with thanksgiving.
      The first peace . . . is that which comes within the
      souls of men when they realize their relationship,
      their oneness, with the universe and all its Powers.

      By: Joyce Sequichie Hifler

      Men die but live again in the real
      world of Wakan-Tanka, where there
      is nothing but the spirits of all things;
      and this true life we may know here
      on earth if we purify our bodies and
      minds thus coming closer to Wakan-
      Tanka who is all-purity.
      -BLACK ELK,
      OGLALA SIOUX, 1863-1950
      In Remembrance
      Of Lower Brule Sioux leader Spotted
      Tail, who crossed over on August 5,
      1881, at the age of 68.
      "It is a paradox in the contemporary
      world that in our desire for peace we
      must willingly give ourselves to struggle."
      -Linda Hogan, CHICKASAW
       The Grandfathers have taught us about sacri-
      fice. We have been taught to pray for  the
      people in a pitiful way. Struggle and conflict
      is neither good nor bad, it just is. Everything
      that grows experiences conflict. When the deer
      is born it is through conflict. When the seed
      first grows, it is through conflict. Conflict pre-
      cedes clarity. Everything has the seasons of
      growth. Recognize - acknowledge - forgive and
      change. All of these things are done through
      Great Spirit,
      give me the
      courage today
      to see that
      struggle and
      conflict are
      here to teach
      me lessons that
      are a gift from

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