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  • prem lulla
    Aug 5, 2007
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      Dear Gaele
      I join all other group (family ) members in sending my prayers for the family of Malcolm aka Jag, Haziri, Rupunda.for well being of His family members.
      I also send my prayers and White Light for ascension of this Spirited Soul.
      I am sure His presence in the Group was inspiring to all of us. His regular messages have given me comfort  at many times. Many times I have wondered as to What extraordinary person He might be, as it was only through mails that I knew him. Many times I thought of inviting Him for a trip to my place.
      HE LIVED HIS LIFE FULLY. He lived around ten lives compressed into time frame of One life . Gratitude to such an exemplary personality.
      He has given grace to the Earth dimension. Kryon's words true in my ears, Kryon always says that You donot know your Own lineage, Your own potentials. Jag personified OUR potentials and held the energy for us to see our potential as well.
      Hats off to Malcom Hymphrey.
      May you keep us inspiring from whatever dimension you are now in, thanks and gratitude.
      With Love and Light

      Gaele Arnott <gaeleaus@...> wrote:

      It is with extreme sadness that I write to ask you each help with the ascension of the soul for Malcolm Warwick Humphreys known to us as Hazri, Jag, Rupunda
      He left this plane quite unexpectedly a short time ago on this Saturday the 4th August 2007 from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
      Support and love are sent to his family and children
      here in Brisbane

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