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  • Barbara Bailey
    Aug 1, 2007
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      From tempers be it known that
      we are warm in the field of
      battle and cool in the hours of
      August 1
      No wonder fear throws a wrench in
      our well-laid plans. We have been relying on dead
      gods, on lifeless theories and trying to fit our keys
      into corroded locks.
      This isn't living, it is throwing in with
      empty promises with nothing to back them up.
      Here we are, spiritual creations, trying to survive on
      mental and physical remedies, never considering
      that we have access to treasuries of ideas and wis-
      dom and spiritual knowledge. These are the
      appointment makers that say, "go here, go there,"
      and we can go in confidence.
      Spirit, come out of your web of supposed
      protection and begin to use the gifts. They are yours
      and they are beautiful beyond the reasoning human
      I am you!
      I am yourself!
      Don't let me waste
      Upon the shelf.
      By: Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      Meditations with Native American Elders-
      August 1
      "Everyone got to find the right path. You
      can't see it so it's hard to find. No one
      can show you. Each person got to find the
      path by himself."
      -Charlie Knight, UTE
      There are certain times in our lives when a
      voice whispers to us. The voice doesn't always
      talk. Usually we hear it best when we are sick
      and tired of being sick and tired. Inside of
      every person is the knowledge that a Supreme
      Being exists. Sometimes a restlessness occurs
      and it makes me feel I need to be  doing 
      something or I need to be going somewhere
      or maybe I start wondering who am I? Often
      when this happens, I feel lost. Inside of every-
      one is the natural, built-in desire to be walk-
      ing the Red Road, or to be seeking a relation-
      ship with the Creator. No one can force us to
      make this journey. We must make this jour
      ney because we want to. This journey is not on
      the outside. The path is inside of ourselves. It
      is inside that we must begin our search.
      Oh Great
      Spirit, help me
      this day to
      look within
      myself. If
      trouble arises,
      let me realize
      that it's not
      what is going
      on but how I
      am looking at
      what's going
      on. Give me
      Your power
      this day to
      conduct myself
      according to
      Your way of
      Red Road Ethic 8
      Reject Materialism
      When one is materialistic, one is
      not right with the Red Road. To
      value and appreciate what you have
      and to know that you are loved and
      safe under the limbs of the Tree of Life
      is to reject materialism and to live a life
      of virtue and appreciation. Materialism
      only fills your heart with envy and
      greed, while appreciation breeds con-
      tentment, balance, and true happiness.
      These are my young men. I am
      their Chief. Look among them and see
      if you can find among them who are
      rich. They are all poor because they
      are all honest.
      -RED DOG,
      OGLALA SIOUX, 1870
      What is man without the beast? If all
      the beasts were gone, men would die
      from great loneliness of spirit, for
      whatever happens to the beasts also
      happens to man. All things are con-
      nected. Whatever befalls the earth
      befalls the children of the earth.
      DUWAMISH-SUQUAMISH, 1785-1866
      Did You Know?
      "Oklahoma" is a Choctaw word mean-
      ing "Red Men."

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