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3734Some info on what's in the flu vaccine:

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  • Karen
    Nov 2, 2002
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      Some info on what's in the flu vaccine:

      "But that shot at your doctor's office contains much more than
      just flu strains. The vaccine is prepared with chicken embryo
      fluid, inoculated with the living flu strains. The fluid is then
      treated with formaldehyde to inactivate the virus. Thimerosal,
      a mercury derivative, is injected to help preserve the mixture.
      Ethylene glycol (better known as antifreeze) and another chemical
      called phenol are added to disinfect. And because animal cells
      are used for this process, animal viruses are sometimes introduced
      into the vaccine, undetected. This has happened as recently as 1995.

      Now ask yourself: If you were intending to purchase a dietary
      supplement, and the label offered this warning: "May contain
      traces of formaldehyde, thimerosal, phenol, ethylene glycol,
      and animal cells," would you buy it?
      (from: Jenny Thompson, Health Sciences Institute)

      "The Flu Vaccine: Is It Really Safe and Effective?" Concerned
      Parents for Vaccine Safety "Why I Never Get Flu Shots" Chet
      Day, Chet Day's Health & Beyond, Mercola.com

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