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  • Sanjoy Banerjee
    Jun 4, 2007
      Dear Nachi,
          I have never read many poems as stories have always appealed to me more than verse. But your poems-those that I have read, have always touched my heart and left an impact on me. You write from your heart and so your thoughts and words are precious. Please continue to share your love with us.

      Jessie Kues <love_sweetheart3@...> wrote:
      i love urpoems  and idky but they realyget to me mb one day u guys can hear some of my poems but till then i will talk to u guys later
      love ya all

      nachi2006@... wrote:
      Forever Young ~ A Poem dedicated and Inspired by the Divine and By Darren Russell's Life ~ By Nachi
      his life was a never ending song..
      filled with light, laden with joy,
      it was a joyful song on a mystical path.
      His hands were there for all to help & guide
      as if they were a live branch of a wisdom tree..
      which exists only to spread the spirit of life..
      to give strength to a heart, & bless it with infinite love..
      He never thought of his love in selfish greed..
      because he wanted to spread this never ending nectar of love..
      for maybe he knew from the very beginning
      how much time he would have in living..
      It is only such people who love without keeping a score
      make this world what is it..and define its true meaning..
      others can only breathe & sigh and wait until the time to die..
      why does it happen??
      as if this world can not bear true light?
      as it feels safe in darkness..
      He is more alive in his death than those who are living
      and although he gave all his life..for this world..
      yet so much is still left in him..to share..to give, to inspire..
      He is still alive in all those hearts that he touched with his being
      in all those lives, he is going to be forever young
      like a beautiful song that can never grow old..
      This poem is dedicated and inspired by two elements of light...the first one is the divine..that has taken birth in this world under many names..and the second light is that of Darren Russell, a lightworker, a wonderful son, teacher, friend who lost his life in China where he was offering his service as a teacher. His life was testimony of light & love of spirit in human form.
      www.whiterabbitsmom .org/ ~ A Site on Darren Russell.
      I have always felt that in simple human beings, lightworkers. .lies that complex and concentrated power & light that can illuminate many skylines..and what appears to us as complex or enlightened, truly aware..is merely too simple for human understanding to fathom..and in some ways both these streams of light connect..correspond and mean to be same things..
      Jesus in Making ~ A New Poem by Nachi
      inside every simple man..lies an explored height
      that is unknown to him..
      a light that may not come to  find its reckoning
      and yet be beamed into many lives..
      to transform and change something..
      that could only be touched by a divine hand..
      And maybe so is with all those precious sons of God..
      with Jesus, Krishna, Buddha..lies such simpleness
      for a definite reason..for all to understand
      and be inspired by this belief
      that everything is possible with love..
      that being Gods precious son is never so far away from them..
      and that their being simple is infact the seed of the divine..
      and while we are besotted with the beauty of awakned hearts..
      and enlightened spirits..if we give can give some care and thoughts to it..
      perhaps we would see..an abundance of light all around us..
      in simple folks, in commonest of places..
      and perhaps this is the true ask of the world today..
      and not the asking for jesus to be born again..
      who knows..perhaps the Jesus of Todays time
      is living with us..annoymously. .living a simple life..
      shinging the world..with his love..in such ways..
      to awaken us all..in a new diamention, new scope..
      just as He did in his previous lifescope..
      perhaps there is new world in making..
      and the reins are in ours hands..
      what are you looking at now??
      What I feel in my heart..the messages that I feel that I listen to from the Divine or communicate with Divine are new or perhaps too weird or strange for all to digest..and that is why I do not know if I am a poet, man with a difference or if I am only living in this illusion of being in communication with the Divine..
      So here is goes You may have read the above poems..you are more learned than me..
      Last few days have been overwhelming. .and in a strange way..even though I am disturbed in some ways..I am also living in distance on some other levels..and can quote or write poems..that may be seeming to have come from a different place..
      Its too complex for me to translate into words.. its like a river flows below the earth..and the earth is unaware of its existance..and yet both the river and the earth above..are real.
      I would love to have my beliefs checked by someone who knows about these things..
      You see anybody can make claims..I want to make sure what I hear or feel is true..and not a trap of my Ego..to make me believe as if I am a Gods messenger.. I am scared of heights..illusions. .daydreaming. .it comes with my health issues..for free..and I dont want to wake up one day..only to discover that I should have taken meds to cure my head..
      I am not writing in desparation. .My poems are as valid as my doubts..its like both live a parallel life..without disturbing each other..and I can write a poem, or feel a connection with the Divine with as much ease as I can spring a doubt in my mind..so its hard to pick one of the two..
      Let me hear about the poems..your thoughts..
      Leaving my heart in your hands...lol. .
      Much Love,

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