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36793Re: The Lake World - A New Poem By Nachi : Please Comment.

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  • thlocco
    May 6, 2007
      --- In lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com, <nachi2006@...> wrote:
      > This is a beautiful poem, and it does speak to you, when you read
      it. Thank you for sharing.
      > The Lake World - New Poem By Nachi
      > Beyond the world of doing and undoing..
      > thinking and non-thinking
      > exists a silent lake world
      > This world exists in the vacant space
      > between your eyes & the eyelids
      > when you loose yourself, your thoughts,
      > when you forget to carry yourself around
      > and drop the notions of who you are..
      > sometimes accidentally, and sometimes
      > only because you are so happy and free
      > you fly away to this lake world..
      > defying the laws of distance
      > to be there & yet be here..
      > As You enter in this lake world
      > You lose your mortal skin..
      > body and bones..all the pain & the wounds..
      > your mind slips through your fingers
      > as if it was a shirt that you were wearing
      > you are naked, transparent & abundant self.
      > with nothing to ask, nothing to lose.
      > with no wants, desires and chase to run..
      > your apprehensions about yourself
      > the parts of you that you did not agree or love
      > the ones that weighed on you like heavy stones..
      > turn graceful & beautiful stones..
      > and they weigh no more.
      > for now you are simply a silent lake that flows
      > timelessly revealing its beauty & the stones with same love.
      > and then You suddenly have this thought.
      > why did not I think of this before..
      > to be this lake world.
      > and just as you have this thought in your mind.
      > you blink..and you come back to your world.
      > In here You are empty & yet so full.
      > contentment flows through you..like a river
      > blessing everything it meets in its flow.
      > and then You blink..and you come back here now..
      > in your world..in your skin, body & bones..
      > wearing your thoughts & mind.
      > **
      > Written in Haste by Nachi.
      > Please comment. I would love to know from you what you think of
      this poem.
      > It is important to me.
      > There is a silent lake within me..I love it. I travel to it and I
      feel my
      > transparent beautiful self..and as I come back..I become myself
      > I would love to know what you think of this poem from your
      > understanding of Life.
      > Please know that I am a simple man/spirit. I can write only with my
      > and not through words/craft.
      > The spiritualists speak so high of soul & spirit. Sometimes I don't
      > understand what is what.
      > I can only come through the door of my heart and although my heart
      tells me
      > that the signs and messages that come to me are both beautiful &
      > doubt myself.
      > Where does heart stand in matters of spirit & soul. can a hearts
      > message or sign be just as wise, divine & beautiful??
      > Please speak to me...
      > Thanks,
      > Nachi
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