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  • peter henry daley
    May 1, 2007
      The Soul cannot be located, for the simple reason that it is the vehicle of Spirit. Just as the Oversoul, orAnima Mundi, is the Soul of Manifestation is everywhere, the Human soul encompasses the aura, and is part of The Oversoul.
      You can say, however, that there are foci of its activity or presence. One if these is known to be a golden sphere (often called "The Presence" ) which resides  40ft.above the head and is connected to the chakra complex through the Third Eye.
       Soul is The Higher Self, and retains all information from life to life. It creates a a special body for function on the higher planes which is the Causal body which is  almost everlasting, but after a very long time it is destroyed in favour of a body more suitable for the monad on level which is beyond comprehension, just as the Astral is left when the Causal body takes over.
      It should be remembered that these vehicles are not bodies in the usual sense but, are ovoid vortices of spiritual energies which are very large when the Saturnian Masters are considered. The Soul of The Sun stretches way beyond the confines of the Solar System.
      I hope this does not confuse you, it is all from Theosophy.
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      Can someone tell me in which organ/gland the Soul resides?
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