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36450Staying positive ~ OORANYA KALORI BY RUPUNDA - Negativity has an awesome power all its own.

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  • Rupunda. Moving with the Rainbow Wind an
    Mar 31, 2007
      Staying positive


        L I F E S T Y L E

      Sunday April 1, 2007

      Staying positive

      Negativity has an awesome power all its own. 

      SOMETIMES inconvenient situations, problems or difficulties conceal opportunities for growth. However, often, in the heart of difficulties, shines the light of a precious jewel. It is therefore wise to welcome what is inconvenient and difficult. 

      We all have situations that are unpleasant, and in those unpleasant situations, our natural human reaction is to push away in anger and frustration. Yet in pushing away, we focus, and in focussing, we bring closer the very thing we want to avoid. 

      Have you every considered the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp and how it relates to us about how our mind operates? We all have our personal genies, whether we are Aladdin or Aladdina. Our genie does not pay attention to anything other than our thoughts. What or who we focus on is what our personal genie brings to reality in our life. 

      I find it amusing at times how we focus our national attention on cutting red tape, our war on drugs, war on tobacco, etc, etc. I know that those involved in these initiatives have hearts that want the best. 

      However, whatever we put our attention to is what we bring into our reality, so the anti-war messages actually give energy to war because our genie listens to our thought focuses. 

      Anti-corruption strategies actually enhance and increase corruption. 

      Committees to reduce red tape actually encourage red tape. 

      Oh dear, when will we ever learn?  

      A few weeks ago we focused on halal living, which applies to behaviour, speech, dress, conduct, and dietary laws. 

      Halal living does not focus on prohibitions. Halal living is about enhancing a positive lifestyle. Yet we seem to be in “love” with negative reinforcements and threats of jail and punishment.  

      When we adopt a Fit4Life approach to our way of living, we do not need lots of prohibitions – our body “tells” us, and nothing reflects this more publicly than our face. 

      Our face was not “made” for us. It is for the benefit of others as we cannot see our own face directly. It is however constantly sending a message about our inner self.  

      Our face shows whether we are happy, sad, angry, peaceful or any one of many emotions. There is no part of us more important than our face. There are whole processes dedicated to face reading called physiognomy that date back at least 2,500 years. 

      I was privileged to watch an Australian movie, The Secret, recently. In the movie, we are reminded that if we do not know how to do something, we will be shown the way. Our job is to ask our genie for the end result. By focusing on the end result, we receive guidance from our higher self, God, the universe. 

      When we know what to do, it is imperative that we act immediately. We will be shown each step, and for every step we take, the next becomes easier. 

      Climbing a staircase does not need us to see the whole stair case before we make the first step. We only need to know that the staircase leads to where we want to go. Then we take the first step, with every step thereafter getting us closer to our goal.  

      We can drive from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu at night even though our car headlights only illuminate 200 metres at a time, yet we can complete the whole journey of over 500km seeing only 200 metres at any time just by following the signs. 

      When you have an inspired thought, you have to trust it and act on it. Failure to act when inspired may very well result in missing the opportunity that ensures achievement of your goal or dream. 

      I have just released two business articles: Do we want our training and development of our ‘human’ capital to succeed? and Leadership and management with compassion. (You can find them in the CCC2 Library http://health.groups. yahoo.com/group/CCCLib2 or email me for the set with accompanying graphics. I address the issues of rebooting our internal computer and the responsibility for it as well as the way we manage any organisation at any level. The issues in the articles apply to us individually as well as the corporate world.) 

      We receive guidance from many sources: we see and hear what is happening and listen to suggestions as to what we should do. In other words, there are many programmes made available to us.  

      Sometimes we start installing them by studying them for a short time and then loose interest or run out of “time”.  

      I know from personal experience that the number of people who start the 90 day beingness programme and the number who finish and use it in their lives is vastly smaller. We buy books, attend seminars and nothing changes in our lives. We search the Internet for free advice, free products. We read and listen but we do not complete the installation and wonder why nothing really changes for us.  

      We do not reboot, and just like our personal computers, until we shut down and restart the programmes, the information we have sought and obtained by many means sits inside us. Until we shut down and reboot ourselves, all our efforts produce little results, and ultimately what we have installed is overpowered by our old belief systems. 

      So, how do we reboot ourselves? 

      This is how I am guided. Do the modified shower exercise for 30 days with this mantra: Cha Lah Ni Na Za Ni Sa Va (I integrate compassion into my total being). 

      Standing in the shower, place your left (non-dominant) hand behind you at the location of the root or base chakra (base of your spine) and place your right (dominant) hand fingertips facing towards you in the front about three inches away from your body. Rotate your right hand anti-clockwise three times and then rinse your hands. 

      Now move up to your sacral (second) chakra and with your left hand still behind you (touching the skin) and your right hand level with this chakra, rotate your right hand anti-clockwise about three inches away from your body, and then rinse your hands again. 

      The anti-clockwise action is the “shut down action”. 

      Repeat this for all seven prime chakra centres, left hand behind touching the skin, right level with the chakra three inches away from your body and rotate anti-clockwise. Remember to rinse your hands under running water between each centre. 

      Now go back to your base chakra and start again. This time, rotate your right hand clockwise three times and rinse. This reboots the chakra and increases its speed, allowing it to operate at its optimal frequency or vibration with the newly installed programme. 

      Complete this routine for all seven prime energy centres. (Left handed people should reverse the hands, ie left for right, right for left). 

      As you do the exercise, keep repeating the affirmation mantra, Cha Lah Ni Nah Zah Ni Sa Va. 

      You can use this system to integrate any new learning or to change outdated beliefs by just changing the mantra. 

      We are fortunate that in Malaysia someone showed us what we could be in the nine spiritual challenges of Vision 2020, and despite the fact that there are those who for whatever reason want us to remain third world in our thinking so we are more easily “controlled”, we are only going to be who we can be if we do the work and reboot ourselves. 

      No one else is going to do it; we have to reboot our personal internal computer if we are going to walk our talk. 

      So no matter who tries to stop us becoming the best we can be, we can reboot our internal computer and be in total control over our lives. 

      The Ooranya Kalori (the Rainbow Message Stick) is brought to us by Rupunda (Hj Mohd Hazri Humphreys). Rupunda (He Who Moves from the Dreamtime with the Rainbow Wind in the Rainbow Body) is a global corporate and personal transformational healer who wants to shows us that healing, be it personal, corporate, national or spiritual, comes by returning balance to every aspect of our lives.  

      Visit Rupunda at http://www.cosmicevolution.org/ CirclesofLifeJagGY.html


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