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36011Update on Ionut

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  • Phoenix
    Feb 27, 2007
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      Greetings everyone,

      I want to update you all on Ionut, my dear one in Romania. It has been a long hard winter for him. He has no heat and no hot water so he has really suffered from the cold. His skin is burned and cracked from the cold. But a great miracle has occurred in that Romania has had, so he told me they are saying, the warmest winter in a thousand years! The weather could have been life-threatening with snow storms and 20 below temps, but it has hardly gotten to zero. He could have died from the cold or being snowed in! But he got through. It is beginning to warm up a little there. There was a short time he was without electricity, but that did not last.  Fortunately he has the little apartment that his mother got from the government in 1985 during Ceausescu's reign. You all have seen pictures of those grey concrete block apartment buildings the communists built in the soviet bloc countries...he lives on the third floor in one of those and has been there his whole life. At least he has a safe place to go and close the door. It will remain his for 5 years without his paying taxes, so for now he is protected against homelessness. But, it is falling apart and he has no plumbing, hot water or heat, which he would have to pay to fix. He has no refrigerator, which presents a health issue for the summer. You may recall I posted about someone coming and taking most of his things, as he told me, "basic things." Their refrigerator was taken. The worst of is that he is mal-nourished from chronic hunger and worn down from constant cold. But he did not get too sick and he was at risk for pneumonia, but did not get seriously sick. I believe this is from all the prayer work being done for him.

      He goes long periods without contacting me because it costs him money to get on the net. It's been an exercise in faith and facing down fear for me too. My plan is to leave for Romania on May 10. Hope for my visit has become his lifeline. I had a BIG challenge last week. They upped the requirement for frequent flyer miles for international tickets and I am short 9,887. I have 50,113 and it takes 60,000. Now I am going to have to dip into my precious saved money for the trip for a thousand dollars. This is a serious cut into the money I need to be there long enough to get accomplished with him what I need to, that being getting him out of malnutrition, feeling well enough to study, and get him prepared to take his high school diploma test in August. The two tests he has to take will cost $365 and $165...Phew! Somehow I can do this. He does not know about these costs and I have kept from him what this trip is costing. He does not ask me for anything and I do not tell him about the money issues as it would make him feel embarrassed and conflicted. I am asking God and the Universe and the Angels to give me $5,000 for this trip.

      So I am asking for prayers, ideas and help. Last night I watched a special on Oprah's girls' school for leadership in South Africa. It was so inspiring and I see so many parallels between what she is doing, and what I am trying to do. If only I had just a bit of the money she does to get this accomplished! But I believe that just as she manifested her resources, I will too. For now, I am doing this by sheer force of will because we, so far, do not have the monetary resources for this and I am pulling this together with faith and many prayers and asking God and the Angels and creating more faith every day in the face of every setback. This begins with Ionut, and I have every hope it will ripple out from him to include all like him. The need is immense. He often says to me, "There are so many like me...why me?" And I tell him that "yes indeed, each one is precious, but that it has been given to me to do for you." I have a friend who is going to help me put together a benefit spaghetti dinner for help in funding this. I have never done such a thing and I can't imagine how that will work, but I am willing to do anything to get him the help and support he needs. I have to help him get a little refrigerator so I can feed him properly this summer...we have to be able to keep milk and eggs and meat fresh. We need to get the water working in the bathroom so we can bathe.

      One thing I thought of was a trade with the frequent flyer miles. I wonder if anyone on the list has 60,000 they would be willing to trade me for my 50,113? My credit card will not let me accept donated miles. So the donor would have to get my ticket for me using whatever agency is who they would use to redeem them, and then I would have to get the tickets they would need myself from my own miles reward company. This is the only way I can think of to salvage these frequent flyer miles.

      Any suggestions, and all prayers for him are most welcome. Thank you for your kind attention.
      multumesc si dragoste, (Thank you and love,)
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