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36Re: [lovingpurelove] Poem

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  • pattimaris1675@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2000
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      Good Morning Karen,
      Your light is shining, and I agree that your job will come along when it is
      supposed to; when that phone rings you will indeed be blessed with that one
      the Universe had in mind for you. Oh yes indeed perception is 9/10ths of the
      battle to realization, and it warms my heart to see another has reached those
      I am certainly having a great week; just came off a quiet meditative flu
      Now passing, I realize that it was there for a good reason, and coming out of
      it brings more light, insights, and loving all the things that I had taken
      for granted. When things are taken away, such as my garden, for almost a
      week, I couldn't go out to it, only viewing it from my window, and after the
      flu left me and i ran out into with my arms high to the heavens, running and
      jumping and absolutely feeling the marvelous wonder, and then I sat down on
      my Japanese bench and thought to myself, "Ah, this what my flu was all about,
      to come back with more insight, taking nothing for granted, and growing in
      the light!" And indeed, my rollercoaster
      slowed down enough for me to see it.

      I am going out of town tonight and won't be back until Sunday, so you all
      take care, and you shall be in my thoughts as I take care of my business,
      celebrate my birthday at my daughter's home, and simply spend time with my
      new insights.
      Love to you! And Karen, your job will come, and when it does, Oh do come in
      and share it with us.
      With much love,
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