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  • mnmnu111
    Feb 2, 2007
      We are going to experience pain and sorrow and this earth.
      But the fact that we follow a reason God changes everything.
      It doesan't mean that we will never hurt again or escape the harsher
      reality of life.It means that we will invite GOD to mend our broken
      hearts and give us a right understanding of life so that we can live
      in this world and process information correctly.As a child,I thought
      my dad hit me because he hated me.Now I know that it was because he
      was ill.Sometimes people live with abuse because they don't want to
      be alone.One of the most difficult calling in life to be married.
      One or the most difficult in life is to be single.One of the most
      difficult calling in life is to be human.We are born with a need to
      belong,to find our place."PLACE IN THE WORLD".Sometimes about that
      place warmed our hearts.We loved it.We want to be wanted.
      How you will live now?Who in your life is hardest to love?
      That person probably is in great need of love.
      Is there a voice inside you that you will never changes yourself?
      As I said earlier,I have walked in some very dark places when God did
      not answer my prayers as I asked Him to,but I love him more today
      than I ever have.Even when hearts are broken,He is here.Even when
      nothing makes sense,He is here.God will be with me in the moments
      that make sense and in the moments that make no sense at all.
      All blessing comes from GOD.
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