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35402Re: Re: Our Divine Creation: Without Quantum Fraud!!

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  • MessiahTwain
    Dec 31, 2006

      et tu, Tony,

      now you are pretending not to have read the original
      Undiscovered Physics, nor the subsequent articles and
      discusssions on the internet.

      "rash judgement searching for the insights of the old

      the old and true ones I speak MOST highly of ... again,
      viz Tesla, Schauberger, Piddington, Alfven, Bostick,
      Carroll, Barnes ... so many.

      it is the CHURCH and the MILITARY and the BANKS, the
      global corporate state, who do not speak of, and put down,
      the VERY BEST natural philosophers ever known.

      I, on the contrary, have spoken in great detail and
      praise of their works, in my work, as no one on Earth
      has done before wholly and truly.

      obviously I do not waste my time, or that of my sacred
      terrestrial family, on further discussions of the willing
      mouthpieces of Church physics ... viz. the Plancks and
      Feynmans and Einsteins ad nauseum.

      read the true philosophers referenced in "Life Without
      Spacetime", for example:


      if you wish my friend to give due respect to those of us
      who have struggled and succeeded for the benefit of
      ALL humanity, bringing the WAY back to nature,
      in contrast to political conformity ...

      for all our sacred ancestors,

      Millennium Twain


      Tony B wrote:

      Cum Grano Salis, MT.

      What can one say to such exhuberance, might it be somewhat
      clouded in rash judgement searching for the insights of the
      old ones.

      I would term it SophiaGnosis and the Wisdom of the Mother
      in harmony with the Knowledge of the Father.

      Your initiation into the mysteries surely have also
      elucidated this.

      Re=Alpha.RCompton=Alpha^2.RBohr1=Alpha^3/4Pi. RRydberg .

      Re=(HiggsBosonic) Outer-Lepton- Ring for (/hyperbolic/
      catenoidal) Lambda/Neutron geometry and also the
      magnetoconfinement as your ellipsoidal asymmetry for ALL
      hadronic particles.
      The Mesonic-Inner- Ring for a ellipsoidal Proton geometry
      then reduces Re in a factor just over 1000 and then further
      reduces to the 'sacred' quantisation of Re in the
      NeutrinoKernel as Re=10^10.Lmin/360.

      The 'sacredness' is the radian definition as 2Pi linear
      becoming radius-independent unity in a seemingly
      'arbitrary' degree count.

      So the 'quantum physics' manifests from a magnified
      'Planck-Length' Lmin=4Pi.c^6.LPlanck^2.Re/G in the
      classical electron radius (Re) as Planck's Constant is
      itself finestructured as h=Lmin/2Re.c^3=Lmin/e*c in
      superstring parameters.

      Here is your factor for n=1 or 2 in the Lissajous form for
      Re associated with the definition of the magnetocharge as
      the 'curling up' of the gauge photon 'string' transforming
      into the 'electron string'.

      Deus Vobiscum!

      Tony B.

      ----- Original Message -----

      From: MessiahTwain

      Mea Culpa, Tony!

      I did spend the decades in the physics establishment,
      and did absorb all the literature: institutional,
      dissident. My time in the realm of sacred teachings, the
      mystical, is recent and limited.

      I observe ALL the phenomena of the cosmos, as does
      the VAST institutional of corporate science -- yet wholly
      without the JudeoChristian promoted conclusions, which
      are all opposite of observation.

      i.e., no expansion. no big bang. no black holes, no quarks,
      no 'quantum limits to the femto and pico scales of
      measurement of the internal structure of the proton and
      nucleus, no church constraints on lightspeed. no photons,
      accept as a quantized measurement of the actual phenomena
      of light aka electromagnetic waves.

      my written work, for all who read, surpasses a hundredfold
      the works of my dear colleagues, including Wolff, Bostick,
      Carroll, Barnes, Kanarev, Piddington, Alfven, Schauberger,
      Tesla ... only because I DO include the observations of all
      true scientists of all cultures ... and forgot to obey the
      guilds of ignorance and servitude and DID reveal the
      femto- and pico-scale wavelengths and structures of
      the superluminal proton.

      and because, unlike the institution, I DID seek out and
      learn from, and reference and describe in great detail
      the peerless pioneers from our PLANETWIDE community
      of alternative and dissident natural philosophers.

      thus my hundredfold greater refinement is only the
      result of incorporating and the whole and the consequence
      of their global cultural approach to the truth of our
      experience of divine nature.

      for which I am a thousandfold humbled,

      for all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain


      gardener, planter of trees ...


      Sirebard wrote:

      Dear Forums!

      Allow me to give a brief comment on the work of Messiah
      Twain aka Millennium Twain aka MT, who regularly posts on
      sites such as related to this one.

      MT's 'common sense' description of the universe is rather
      logical and would be well supported by the mainstream in
      theory (say away from funding and publication pressures).

      MT has coined many well established concepts with new
      names, such as 'metricated relativity' and the
      'matterverse' .

      MT's 'Nucleon Song', proposing a hydrogen geometrical
      structure for the neutron and a 'charge creation' from the
      'curling up or selfclosure' of a 'linear geodetic photon'
      into a 'radius varying protoelectron' ; also shows a
      beautiful and elegant extension of the establishment.

      I rather like MT's basic geometry on the structure of the
      basic constituents of nature in charge-carrying matter
      particles and the 'aether-particles' of light.

      Here is the reference to MT's major papers in his
      'Undiscovered Physics' proposal.

      http://www.groupkos .com/eso/ tiki-index. php?page=
      The+Undiscovered +Physics

      However MT's constant attacks and derison of the
      establishment serves him no constructive purpose.

      He fails to see, that his superpositiong of lateral and
      rotational wave vectors as description for the 'scalar'
      component for the electromagnetic field is also used by the
      orthodoxy (i.e. M-Theory) , as well as being understood
      very well indeed by the native peoples of this earth and
      their many unorthodox and alternative exponents (say Viktor
      Schauberger, whose crystalline water properties and
      'harmonics' are being rediscovered by the establishment on
      a continuing basis).

      MT derides quarks and mathematical abstraction, yet fails
      to realise that his 'onion structure' for the proton is
      just the 'tentative' approach of the consensus (say in the
      work of Alan Krisch of Michigan).

      And just like Milo Wolff's Wave-Structure for Matter is
      indeed supported by the 'Standard Model Under Constant
      revison', so is MT's 'Metric Relativity'; yet it appears he
      cannot see the convergences.

      Like Milo Wolff, MT seems to bear some grudges against the
      historical development of physics and seems unable or
      unwilling to consider synthesis of his model with the

      Like Milo, MT 'plays' wordgames in relabelling generalised
      labels of the standard models, then claiming that the old
      labels are somehow too abstract or complicated and subject
      to revision.

      To say that General Relativity is 'rubbish' shows an
      unwarranted disrespect to the historic exponents of the
      physics and the sciences.

      A quick detailed comment, as to 'my' Quantum Relativity,
      might show this 'missing' convergence of so many model

      MT derives a imo beautiful toroidal geometry in using the
      scalar propagation of the electromagnetic 'field'.

      He claims, that an 'uncharged photon' of transverse
      electric and magnetic orthogonal 'field-vectors' utilises
      its scalar nature in closing up on itself in a loop.

      Now this is just what the superstring theorists say, which
      describe the class type 1 as the only class which forms
      such closed loops and transforms into the open ended
      strings of the other classes.

      So imo MT's model simply describes the string
      transformations in reverse, where the so called Planck
      Boson IS type 1 and allows a sinusoidal waveform to become
      linearised from its circular unification.

      This can be seen if one looks at MT's geometry in more
      detail, in particular when he says, that the
      electromagnetic field vector 'of the helix winding around
      the torus surface say, is ALWAYS counterclockwise.

      This is precisely, what Quantum Relativity (QR) has claimed
      for years in association with the 'gauge bosons of the
      electromagnetic interaction' .

      The gauge photon is always clockwise and colourcharged in
      an exact symmetry with the likewise colourcharged antigauge

      But the antigauge becomes suppressed (as the massless and
      charged precursor for the weak interaction gauges) and so
      one finds a 'symmetry breaking' between gauges, which
      CREATE the (scalar) MASS in the 'colourcharging' mapping
      the magnetocharge onto the electrocharge observed (and
      always mass associated).

      MT explains all this rather well in his papers on the
      electron, the proton and his 'proof' and so on. And of
      course, he uses his own labellings and not (always) those
      of QR or those of the standard literature.

      But MT DOES NOT 'overthrow the mainstream' as he so often
      claims - he does EXTEND it though and adding valuable new
      ideas and tentative calculations to it.

      His papers engage much of the well known relationship
      between the classical electron radius with the Compton/de
      Broglie Radius with the Bohr Radii, all as powerseries of
      the finestructure constant Alpha.

      So contrary to his statements, MT is rather mainstream in
      engaging those scale relationships.

      I like his Lissajous waveforms and topologies for this
      however; QR also uses the 'infinity symbol' and its
      tripleform in a link to the geometrical awareness of the
      native cultures (without abstract algebraic formalisms).

      This shall do and I comment further if anyone has questions
      as to MT's derivations and model.

      Below is the start of the thread as indicated by MT and
      Phil Carr.

      Best wishes to all.

      Tony B.


      Millennium Twain wrote:

      viz, Phil -- god-barf from the Church of abuse,
      ignorance, servitude ...

      great excuse for those who never learned to read
      or write, or walk the sacred path of culture and

      experience is not outside our knowing. it is our
      only knowing!

      infintitely refined, divine ...

      Millennium Twain


      --- Phil Carr <philcarr_ottawa> wrote:

      The issue of divine creation is a topic separate from
      that are the physical laws which govern our universe.
      No one can deny that we have such laws, e.g. the law
      of gravity. The fact that some laws lay outside of
      your personal experience makes them no less valid or
      no more threatening to any given view of creation than
      that of the law of gravity.

      In the end no scientist, nor relgious leader can claim
      to know the mind of God, we can only attempt to devine
      it with our crude tools, and limited imaginations to
      the best of our personal abilities.


      Millennium Twain wrote:

      General Relativity is whole rubbish.

      No correspondence with nature/experience ...

      none in the assumptions, none in the discussions
      and analysis, and none in the derivations.

      to say otherwise is to have never have read or
      studied GR, and to never have observed or
      discussed or studied nature before and within

      we are not discussing here wannabee physicist's
      abilities to behave in obediance to the strictures
      of the corporate state ... to be the priests of the
      military industry ...

      we are speaking here of true students of nature,
      in service to the divine human family,

      and all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain

      truly said, however, that Quantum Mechanics
      (and Special Relativity) stood up from day one
      proclaiming to be the voice of the JudeoChristian
      Church of political consumer conformity!

      http://groups. yahoo.com/group/NuclearStructure/
      http://groups. yahoo.com/group/NaturalPhilosopHER/
      http://groups. yahoo.com/group/DiosasAncianos2012/

      --- In cyclesi@yahoogroups .com, Ray Tomes <ray@> wrote:
      Re: [cyclesi] Cyclical universe/Chuck/ Ray

      Gary wrote:
      > ... It is inconceivable to me that GR is considered the
      > authority in gravity and astrophysics and that virtually
      all physics
      > departments at universities, and virtually all journal
      editors are so
      > entrenched, and simply ignore that there is no physical
      basis to the
      > theory whatsoever. Please comment.

      To me words like "physical basis" are a problem. That
      simply means that you don't have a picture in your mind. I
      cannot understand why anyone would have a problem with
      the maths of GR as it works in all known cases correctly.
      This is unlike QM where they change the rules whenever
      it gets a wrong result and pretend that it was right all

      Certainly a model is useful, but you can get a model for GR
      from an aether theory with either a tensile medium or a
      medium. Many physicists do not understand this, but it has
      been proven convincingly that LET (Lorenz Ether Theory)
      gives identical predictions. If you want a push gravity
      you can do it quite happily working with a fluid aether and
      LET and get all the same answers as GR.

      If you think that push gravity will get different answers
      then I would check your calculations very carefully.