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  • Patti Garrett
    Nov 3, 2006
      Hello everyone for the last time today:
      It looks like I was able to stay on-line 45 minus today before I tired myself out, so maybe that is a sign I am on my way to recovery.  Let's hope so.
      Anyway, I waned to end today with this message that I received from a friend here who is a church deacon.  I was able to link into this link and found it very touching and beautiful, so I hope you all are able to do so, too.  Besides, to me, this is one of Elvis' greatest songs because, even though it is not one of his gospel songs, it is still a song of great inspiration.  I just hope you can all link into it so you will get to enjoy it like I did.
      For now, let me bid you all good day so I can now go back to bed and build up my strength again before I try to do anything else today. 
      To each of you special people, I wish the best of days,filled with joy and hope and happiness.  I will be back with all of you sometime tomorrow.
      Peace, love, light, harmony and angel hugs,
      ----- Original Message -----
      I got "goosebumps" listening to this.  Please don't delete before reading it as I know you will really enjoy it too!!!  -- 

      Make sure your sound is on - I had to do this twice before

      I got the color and music.  Hope it comes through for you.

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