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  • Patti Garrett
    Oct 3, 2006
      Hello everyone:
      Sorry to be so late, but I think you will all enjoy this message any way.  On this day where the temperature reached 90 degrees today on what was supposed to be a fall day, I feel pretty  good, and knowing that but the cool weather is  on its way, I am just going to enjoy this weather as long as I can.
      Be that as it may, as for the stationery, I really wanted to use one that showed a figure kneeling and showing the energy centers in different colors, a stationery I had in the past but have been unable to locate again, even though I tried a search of all stationery extensions .eml, .exe and .inf, to no avail.  So I am using this one instead, which I think came from Jag in one of his special messages.  Just know that what I am trying to depict is someone meditating.  And because once in a while, my messages refer to meditation, I do hope I am able to find the stationery I lost somewhere.
      The daily word for today, then, is 'Attract,' and the daily thought is:  "As a radiating center of the Christ presence, I attract love, peace and joy,
      And the rest of today's message is: 
      "The blessings of Spirit make our lives full and complete.  Love, joy, peace and prosperity are drawn to us through  the law of attraction.  As radiating centers of the Christ Presence, we draw God's blessings to us just as a magnet draws iron.
      "The law of attractions works simply, yet powerfully and flawlessly.  Our part is to become what we wish to attract.  Our part is to become what we wish to attract.  Because we express God's love openly and generously, we attract love, compassion and kindness.  As we act in ways that are supportive of others, we find that we ourselves are supported.  The very act of uplifting others uplifts us.
      "Joy, peace and generosity are ever present in our lives because we radiate these qualities to the world in which we live."'So we have knows and believe that the love that God has for us.  God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.  ---  1 John 4:16"
      Isn't this a wonderful message for us all today from this special book?  I found it very inspiriting and special.
      Just for information, the midi I used is called 'Meditation.'  I thought I had some other selections with this title, but was mistaken; I guess they are under other titles in my files.  I hope you enjoy this selection today anyway,
      Do continue to enjoy your afternoon and may you have a stress-free and relaxing evening followed by a night of peaceful, relaxing and renewing sleep.
      Peace, love, light, harmony and angel hugs,
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