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34Re: [lovingpurelove] Poem

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  • pattimaris1675@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2000
      Yes, Karen, indeed I will think positive thoughts toward your receiving a
      good job; one that you will be happy, look forward going to work, in fact
      each morning, I shall send out positive thoughts, also request everybody at
      9am their own time to stop for a moment and send out positive thoughts to
      every business that would be compatible with Karen's needs to contact her for
      While looking for your employment place, know already that you have it, and
      that it is coming to you, and indeed it will.
      Please keep us informed, so we can also reap the blessings from the great
      Going to bed at night and visualizing the employment setting in your mind
      will also send out the news of what you want.
      Why is it so difficult for some to believe that we can do this, and yet not
      think a thing about a little telephone wire sending our voices out all over
      the world?
      Isn't it ironic sometimes?
      Oh life is indeed wonderful and sends us off on journeys that sometimes we
      don't understand, but within do indeed know that it benefited us.
      Oh, the grandness of such adventures and love that indeed surrounds us.
      Karen, you are precious and the light is already within you, and you will
      have the job that you want, so rest assured that life will come to you in the
      way that it thinks is needed for you. Your faith is strong, and your heart
      is loving -- just hold on until that message comes to you, and when it does,
      don't forget to thank the heavens, universe, God, whatever you call it.
      I wish you a very good day, one filled with smiles and a light heart.
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