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  • pattimaris1675@aol.com
    Oct 28, 2000
      Ah, Karen how well you know the path of learning, loving, and growing in the
      spirit. Your light is definitely shining this bright wonderful morning.
      As I look out my window, seeing the gray clouds hanging just a bit above the
      white fluffy ones and the atmosphere looking dark yet bright with some light
      shining down through gapes in the dark clouds, with earth still out there, no
      rain, wind nor joggers or walkers, yet when I look with my positive eyes, I
      see beauty, such great variety of colors; gray, white, green on the rolling
      mountains of shaded browns and little black and blue birds flying from one
      house top to the next or from one tree to the next, ah, such beauty it has.
      There are times when I look at nature, or the atmosphere and get such
      overwhelming energies from its beauty. IT has different beautiful settings.
      Some dark, some lighted with the full face of sun, then on rainy days, how
      the rainbow greets us across the heavens. Oh, I could just go on and on with
      the absolutely beauty is offers us.
      Even though I have been down with the flu, I know this is for my benefit too.
      I recently received an e-mail from a very cherish friend whom said;
      " One of my e-mail friends told me once that even icky things like
      flues and colds can be looked at positively. As we go through the
      healing process physically, things like this are also a cleansing
      process for our minds and hearts, if we just accept it, go with the flow
      of it, and gently nurse ourselves back to health. She said that in
      Japan, when people get viruses and such, they take it as a sign to enter
      into deep meditation, considering it a kind of blessing in disguise, as
      a chance to cleanse our entire system and make a fresh start on a new
      cycle. Makes it sound like sort of an adventure, doesn't it?"
      Ah, such a lovely lady whom brings such love. Hope and sunshine into my life
      that I had to share it with you all too.
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