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3168Parallel & Conjunct

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  • Polly
    Oct 2 9:20 PM
      Whenever you see those abbreviations, they are referencing either a conjunction or a
      parallel to a fixed star. Briefly I'm looking at my chart.

      There is somewhat of a difference in meaning between the two (Cnj & Pll), but I need to
      look that up, not having the description in front of me.
      As for finding the Angels, let me describe. The Conjuncts actually list the degree, so
      you just round up and look up the Angels. Ceres (asteroid) is located at 22 CAN 21 in
      your chart, round up to 23 CANCER, and the fixed star POLLUX is located at practically
      the same location, 22 CAN 39, so they are considered conjunct, and you will have the
      same Angel group, the group of 23 CANCER for both chart points, and the Star points are
      destiny points according to Cynthia Rose.

      For the parallel fixed stars, they are connected to our charts by the far right digits,
      which are the declination degrees. In your chart, Mercury is located at 27 ARI 06, with
      a declination of +12 degrees 28'. That declination is parallel with the declination of
      RAS ALHAGUE, fixed star, so you will look for the Angels of 13 ARIES, I am pretty sure.
      Let me post this to the group, so if I am wrong, this can be corrected. Perhaps the
      meanings between Conjunct and Parallel may also be posted by an authority on astrology.

      I hope this will help you on your way.

      With love, Polly

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      on 10/2/02 10:57 AM, Polly at pmenendez@... wrote:

      Polly, pesty Cynthia here again! I am reading over the list of symbols, but
      on reading the "Aspects to Fixed Stars" that I have, there are these 2
      symbols several times that I can't figure out: Pll, and Cnj. What do these

      > Aspects to Mer 27°Ar06 +12°28'
      > Pll +12°35' RAS ALHAGUE The desire to heal a wound.
      Aspects to Cer 22°Cn21 +30°45'
      Cnj 22°Cn39 POLLUX The pain of creativity