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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Oct 2 6:09 PM
      Re: [lovingpurelove] Re: birthdate
      Dear Cynthia

      The location of the Sun's alignment with the Celestial Arc at the time of birth is simply the degree of the sun.  The sun on your chart is a circle with a dot in it.  Next to it are some numbers.  Read them from the outer number to the inner one.  The outer number is the degree of the sign that the sun is in and the inner one after that are the seconds of that degree.  Round the degree number up to the next degree if there are any seconds.  For instance, if someone's sun is 5 degrees and 34 seconds Gemini, then they would round it up to 6 degrees Gemini.  Then look up the angels for that degree at the lovingpurelove website archives for the angel messages.  That is what Polly is asking for.
      Do you know how to tell what sign the sun is in? 
      With great love,
      Cynthia Rose
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